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When men hate women, how dangerous is the "incel" scene?

Status: 05.03.2021 6:30 p.m.

They have never had sex, hate women and call for violence: Incels belong to one of the most extreme niches on the internet. How dangerous are Incels in Germany? The current crime scene and a background podcast deal with this question.

"Incel" is the self-name of an Internet movement that originally came from the USA. "Incels" call themselves men who, according to their own statements, involuntarily do not have sexual intercourse and who follow their very own ideology of masculinity.

The abbreviation "Incel" is intended to stand for "involuntary celibates", ie "involuntary abstinence". Many attribute the fact that they have not yet had a relationship and usually not even a kiss because they are too ugly and women only do something with attractive men.

Podcast "When Men Hate Women"

The last crime scene in Kiel, "Borowski and the fear of white men", was about these Incels. In order to shed more light on the background and the "Incels" phenomenon, there is a podcast for the Tatort "When Men Hate Women", for which Martina Schönherr from the N-JOY team did research.

The problem is that these men hold women responsible for not having sex. They think they have a right to have sex with women. The men are so frustrated that they lead each other into scenes of violence and conspiracy ideologies online. For example, women would be part of a secret covenant that wants to exterminate white men.

When men hate women / Background to the crime scene and the "Incels" phenomenon

NDR KulturAuthor: Gornowicz, Martina

We talk about the incel movement phenomenon and ask how close the crime scene is to reality.

The scene grows, the tone intensifies

The author Veronika Kracher has been dealing with the Incels and their internet forums for years. According to studies, the incel scene is growing and the tone is tightening. Men around the world are on many different forums:

What all of these forums have in common is a blatant self-victimization. Your own life is very bad because you don't have sex, and of course the fault lies with the women who refuse to have sex. Veronika Kracher, author

This goes hand in hand with a perpetrator-victim reversal, says Kracher. The problem is not one's own hatred of women, which can even go as far as destructive fantasies, but rather a totally normal, justified reaction to the lack of sex.

What do Incels want to achieve?

Research by the radio format "Kollektiv Y" also makes it clear how dangerous the supposed community is: There is talk of a state allocation of girlfriends and the legalization of rape. In forum discussions, users talk about violence against women and rampages. In the past few years, Incels have carried out several attacks in North America.

As reported by many media outlets, the Halle and Hanau assassins also had connections to the incel scene.

Suicide, violence, misogyny: how dangerous are Incels in Germany?

The Y-collective reporters Isabell Beer and Johannes Musial did research for nine months, partly undercover, were on the forums and wrote and called Incels.

They even confront a member of the scene personally - he had threatened a rampage online. In addition, many other people who have come into contact with Incels in various ways have their say - including a cosmetic surgeon who also treats Incels, as well as an influencer who fell victim to the Incels' hatred.

Is there a huge problem in Germany and nobody knows about it? How dangerous are Incels in Germany? You can see the entire Y collective report on the reporter's YouTube channel - or directly here:

Trigger warning

The film by the Y collective is about suicidal thoughts and depression. If you are affected by it yourself or have had experience with it and need help, you will find information and advice centers here.


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