What convinced you to finally retire

Translation of "retire" in spanish

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I've seen people to retire and die.
As the head of the school board, I think she should to retire.
Como jefe de esta junta escolar, creo que debería retirarse.
For so much I would to retire.
Maybe I want in style to retire.
I want to be 50 to retire.
I can finally to retireknowing that such advanced and creative minds work in surgery?
Por fin puedo anniversaries sabiendo que tan avanzadas y creativas mentes trabajan en el campo quirúrgico.
Okay, let's say you to retire.
One of us has to to retire.
I could be alone with the profits of this place to retirebut, I have a legacy to maintain.
Podría retirarme Solo con los beneficios de la carnicería, pero ... tengo un legado que mantener.
Now I can in paradise to retire.
¿Por qué no debería tener la ocasión de retirarme en el paraíso?
Clearly, fate sent us here today to convince you, sir, that you ... don't to retire can.
Está claro que el destino nos ha enviado aquí hoy para convencerle, señor, de que ... no puede retirarse.
I have to to retiresit next to father and admire Steve on TV?
¿Retir arms? ¿Sentarme con padre a ver a Steve en la tele?
Do you know what cops do when they do to retire?
¿Sabes lo que hacen los policías cuando se retiran?
What else are they supposed to do to retire?
I can not anymore to retire.
I should be 10 years ago to retire.
Yes and i will to retire.
I wanted to retire.
It says that she to retire?
He could be in a year to retire.
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