Is it possible to cure from anorexia


Anorexia is a serious condition and treatment should be in the hands of experts. With advice like "Eat something", it is definitely not enough! However, those affected first have to recognize that they have a problem, have the courage to seek support and then actually seek help.

Doctors and specialists usually work on anorexia therapy various disciplines closely together, for example family doctor, pediatrician, psychotherapist, dentist, nutritionist or social worker. Together with the patient, they consider which anorexia treatment is most likely to be successful.

Where is anorexia treatment possible?

Anorexia can be outpatient in the doctor's office, in a day clinic or - especially if the disease is already seriously advanced - inpatient in one clinic to treat. There are also special ones Residential groupssuitable for adolescents and young adults with eating disorders after a hospital stay. All options have advantages and disadvantages, where the treatment is best carried out and continued, depends, for example, on the severity of the anorexia, the extent of the comorbidities or the risk of relapse. But the individual living conditions and whether there are treatment facilities at the place of residence are also decisive.

However, if the condition of the person concerned is life-threatening due to the anorexia, doctors act immediately and take emergency measures - they then refer the anorexic person to a clinic in any case.

Anorexia: Treatment through nutritional counseling

People with anorexia should take one during therapy learn healthy eating habits and stabilize this. You will be provided with tools on how to keep what you have learned over the long term. You should be able to eat again without counting calories and be able to enjoy the food. At the same time it applies that Increase body weightto normalize it - and keep it at that level.

Psychotherapy and body-oriented therapies for anorexia

Psychotherapists go the mental problems to the cause that may have fueled and perpetuated the eating disorder. They then treat these in the same way as possible consequences of anorexia, such as depressive moods, fears or compulsions. Also Conflict Resolution Strategieswith your partner, parents, other family members or friends are part of the anorexia treatment.

For example, psychotherapists focus on:

  • Behavior problems
  • problematic thought patterns and structures
  • Self-esteem and body experience
  • dealing with feelings and relationship problems
  • high demands (on yourself) and perfectionism
  • Everyday family life, social life

There are individual, group or family therapies that can also be combined with one another. Also for Parents are rules of conduct for anorexia important for your child in order to be able to support them well. On the one hand, children need patience and understanding, on the other hand, parents should not pity them or spare them. In addition, therapists use body-oriented therapies to train self-awareness and straighten out the distorted body image. Examples are movement, dance, breathing, relaxation and sports therapies.

Medical care as therapy for anorexia

Anorexia can cause significant health problems such as gastrointestinal, skin and cardiovascular disorders. Doctors try to get this under control with targeted treatments and to alleviate them.

Social support

Social workers offer assistance with school matters, vocational training, studies, work, living or with social contacts.

Anorexia forum and self-help - white and black sheep!

If you search the Internet, you will quickly come across forums and self-help groups for anorexia. Many offer very good support and exchange with other people who feel the same way. But not all offers are serious and promise help. On the contrary: some glorify eating disorders as a lifestyle, play down anorexia and encourage imitation or perseverance.

The Federal Center for Health Education has on its website reputable forums summarized for exchange, self-help offers and contact points. The overview can be found at: