What makes an administrator

What does "Admin" mean? Explanation and definition


The abbreviation "Admin" comes across again and again on the Internet. In groups on WhatsApp or Facebook, on a website or in a discussion forum, certain people are known as administrators. We'll tell you what's behind the abbreviation and who you can call the admin.

That means Admin: "Administrator"

The abbreviation Admin stands for administrator. The word comes from the Latin "administratio" and means administrator or manager. Nowadays it mainly refers to an administrator of a computer system or computer network with special rights and tasks.

There are different types of admins. For example this:

  • Admin of a WhatsApp group
  • System admin
  • Server admin

Admin: where does the abbreviation come from?

The Latin verb "administrare" means to administer. This gave rise to the word administrator or admin in both German and English. However, the word is also used in the Protestant and Catholic Church and refers to an administrative person. So the Latin word origin is the same. In terms of content, however, something else is meant and these church administrators should not be abbreviated as admin.

Admin: Where is this abbreviation used?

There are administrators in discussion forums, operating systems, wikis, networks, application programs, mailing lists or websites. WhatsApp and Facebook groups also have one or more administrators. In all of these cases, the person in charge can be referred to as an admin.

Admin: What does an administrator do?

The admin has extended rights in IT systems. This means that it can perform certain functions that other users cannot. Administrator tasks can include the admin taking care that the software is up to date. A server administrator, on the other hand, is responsible for the operation of servers. A network administrator responsible for the network, for example a company. As the admin of a WhatsApp group, you can change the group picture or the description text.

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