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Amazon Academy is launched to help students prepare for JEE Main 2021 in India

As rumored in recent weeks, Amazon India has launched the Amazon Academy initiative to help students prepare for competitive entrance exams. The e-commerce giant is kicking off the program with JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) course material and mock tests to help tech aspirants in the country.

The Amazon Academy builds on the company's first attempt in this direction, i.e. the JEE Ready app. Not only does it provide aspirants with access to free micro-courses, mock tests, and more 15,000 hand-picked practice questions with instructions and detailed step-by-step solutions. You'll also get access to live courses (taught by experienced JEE faculties) for real-time resolution of doubts and a six-week JEE 2021 crash course for revision.

"The Amazon Academy aims to provide quality, affordable education to everyone, starting with those preparing for technical entrance exams." said Amol Gurwara, director of education at Amazon India. The service is helpful for students preparing for JEE and other similar exams such as BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, and MET.

The highlight of the Amazon Academy is that you can - at least for now - have free access to everything you need to prepare for the JEE entrance exam. All resources will be available for free over the next few months. This includes curated study material, live lectures, and comprehensive assessments in math, physics, and chemistry. All of this has been put together and developed by professionals from across the country.

Students can also take mock tests through the Amazon Academy app. No stand-alone results are compiled, but your scores are compared with other JEE aspirants who tried the test in the same time window. That will help you Better understand your All-India standing and track your progress over time. The service offers you valuable insights into your performance, weak and strong topics and much more.

“Our main focus was on the quality of the content, the analysis of deep learning and the student experience. This introduction will help technical aspirants to better prepare and gain the critical edge in JEE. " added Gurwara in the official press release. So yes, if you are someone preparing for technical entrance exams in India check out the Amazon Academy website or Android app. It could certainly become a companion to your existing learning routine.