What is a management system

Basic knowledge of management systems

DIN ISO 9001 quality management

Quality management encompasses all organized measures that serve to improve products, processes or services of any kind. Quality management is therefore a core task of management.

Better quality and satisfied customers: With EcoStep you increase the quality and productivity of your work processes. You clarify your company goals, optimize your internal responsibilities and identify potential for reducing costs.

DIN ISO 14001 environmental management

An environmental management system is the system in which the responsibilities, behaviors, processes and specifications for the implementation of the operational environmental measures of an organization are defined in a structured manner.

Protect the environment and preserve the basis of life: With EcoStep you make a significant contribution to the targeted use of resources to protect the environment. Environmental aspects of your internal processes are determined and regulated. At the same time, you increase your legal certainty.

BS OHSAS 18001 occupational safety

Occupational safety means the measures, means and methods to protect employees from work-related health and safety hazards. The aim is to avoid accidents and protect employees in the workplace.

Problem recognized - danger averted: EcoStep helps you to assess hazards and to take suitable precautionary measures. Accidents at work are avoided, hygiene regulations are observed and first aid measures are ensured.