What are the uses of a logo

Free University of Berlin

A use of the logo of the Freie Universität Berlin by cooperation partners (a cooperation exists in the case of a cooperation with partners to achieve a common goal and if there is a corresponding agreement) is for the case that it is a non-commercial scientific cooperation and the Cooperation agreement expressly provides for such use.
Within the cooperation agreement, it must be added that Freie Universität Berlin reserves the right to revoke such a granted usage permit at any time if the usage does not comply with the specifications for the logo usage mentioned below and not despite a request from Freie Universität Berlin to object to a usage remedial action is taken immediately.

The cooperation agreement should therefore contain the following passage:

The cooperation partner can use the logo of Freie Universität Berlin as a reference. The Free University of Berlin reserves the right to revoke this permission at any time if the use does not comply with the FU requirements for logo use (including: only the FU templates may be used, the logo may not be changed or falsified; it the specifications of the design manuals of the Freie Universität Berlin must be observed) and, despite being requested to do so, the use that is objected to by the Freie Universität Berlin is not ceased immediately. Before using the logo, the corresponding CeDiS communication tool (insert contact) must be presented to check compliance with the corporate design guidelines of Freie Universität Berlin. Only then is it finally released for use.