What are some good duets in mandarin

Learning Chinese Language Through Singing


Hello Steemians ...

Learning foreign language is one of my hobby apart of singing and painting. Lately I have a big interest in learning chinese.

I have visited 4 beginner classes in my university. Sometimes I wonder why there are so little participants in the classes.
It's offered for free and one should know that China has a big potential to be the biggest economy power in the world,
so the ability to speak mandarin would be a great plus point in our CV.
Just having a good grade in our diploma is not enough considering that there are definitely plenty of intelligent people around the world. One need as many as possible additional qualifications. Well whatever ...

In order to be able to master a foreign language one need to practice it, learning theory is not enough.
I normally train my listening and understanding of the language through watching Chinese drama series online and chinese webnovel. And to train my pronounciation I love to sing.
China has many beautiful music and films. ^ _ ^
Tonight I'd like to show you some of my karaoke duets with some chinese (some of my duet partners are really chinese people, and some others are indonesian of china origin). Thanks to the internet to make such things possible. :)

If there are some chinese among the visitors of my blogs and you find some mistakes in my pronounciation, I'll be happy to hear your correction.

Thank you.
I hope you enjoy it ...
See you next time ...

Hello Steemians ...

Learning foreign languages ​​is one of my hobbies. My other hobbies are singing, painting, cooking and my garden. Lately I've been trying to learn Chinese.

In the meantime I have already attended four Chinese courses for beginners at the university. I always wonder why so few other students take advantage of this offer,
to learn such an important language for free.

Mastering Chinese would certainly be a great advantage for many graduates on the job market these days, because China will very likely soon be the world's largest economic power. Well, anyway ...

In order to master a foreign language well, one should not only learn theory, because the most important thing is to use the language in practice!
I try to improve my listening comprehension by watching Chinese drama series online.
I practice reading with Chinese web novels freely available on the Internet ...
and to improve my pronunciation I do what I like to do anyway: I sing Chinese songs. ^ _ ^

Today I want to show you some videos of karaoke duets with some beautiful Chinese girls.
In fact, some of them are Chinese and some of them are Indonesian of Chinese descent ... I hope you will like it!

If there is someone here who speaks Chinese well, I would be very happy if he or she corrected my mistakes! That would be very nice! 🙂

Have fun ...
Until next time ...
Thanks for upvoting ...

心雨 (Heart's rain)
by: 毛寧 (Mao Ning) feat.楊鈺瑩 (Yang Yu Ying)

星语心愿 [Xing yu xin yuan / Wish upon a star]
by: 张柏芝 Zhāng Bózhī (Cecilia Cheung)

爱 你 十分 泪 七分 Ai Ni Shi Fen Lei Qi Fen (10 part I love you, 7 part is tear)
by: 裘海正 Qiu Hai Zheng

Bie Wen Wo Shi Shui (Don't ask who I am);
by: Linda Wong
(别 问 我 是 谁 - 王馨平)