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Education without the Bundeswehr!

On October 8th at 7 p.m. the monthly vegan folk kitchen takes place in the beautiful Bramfeld culture shop Brakula: BraVoKü. And “Education without the Bundeswehr (BoB)” has been invited to give the guests a short lecture explaining why we are organizing public protests against the recruitment and propaganda of the Bundeswehr. Come over! There is a delicious 3-course menu and lots of discussion material. Here is our advance notice:

Against the background of the increasing competition between the capitals and the states for the last benefices to be distributed in the ongoing crisis of the capitalist world system, the political exponents of the ruling class in the Federal Republic stated at the beginning of the year what has been happening for years anyway. Defense Minister von der Leyen (CDU), Foreign Minister Steinmeier (SPD) and Federal President Gauck announced almost in unison that the interests of German economics and politics should increasingly be represented by military means in the future.
In order to be able to wage wars and military operations, the Federal Government is largely dependent on the fact that it has the personnel available that can be burned at the front and that the people on the “home front” approve of their actions. Particularly since the reform of the Bundeswehr into a volunteer and professional army “on duty”, the Federal Ministry of Defense has therefore been working on expanding the old and new methods of recruiting and indoctrating young people. In 2014, the first female minister on the Hardthöhe launched the umpteenth “attractiveness offensive” in recent years.
The Hamburg alliance "Education without the Bundeswehr (BoB)" has been working for several years to explain the intentions and motives of the military for recruitment and to protest against the militarization of society due to the increasing penetration of the Bundeswehr in public, for example in schools , at trade fairs, at the port birthday or in the career information center (BIZ). Because: If nobody goes to the federal government, “Germany” cannot wage war either.