What is your concern as a programmer?

Multimedia programmer

Multimedia programmers work at the interface between information and media technology. You use, create and expand software programs in order to use them to create multimedia products and productions such as B. to realize computer games, DVD's, CD-ROMs, databases and internet portals. They combine various information carriers such as text, images, graphics, audio and video elements and design menu and toolbars. Overall, they take care of the (program) technical implementation of the drafts and concepts by multimedia designers and multimedia conceptionists. The focus is always on the product being as clear and concise as possible, user-friendly and easy to use. Multimedia programmers test the new products and develop their applications and settings further.

Various specialists from the areas of conception, design, programming and project management work together in multimedia productions. You meet for team meetings and discussions and coordinate tasks and activities. In the planning phase, the team develops, designs and discusses the media product to be created. You create a program concept, schedules and timetables. Multimedia programmers use standard software for the implementation of the product or develop special software programs. You will also work with databases and content management systems (CMS). They present previous versions and prototypes of the product, carry out various tests, obtain feedback and talk to customers. They correct program errors, receive change requests, implement them and finally create the final version of the multimedia product.