Which Hollywood actor has the best body

The 20 Hollywood actors with the craziest upper arms

For movies high in testosterone, Hollywood needs actors with decent biceps. Here are 20 of those who have used their muscles to succeed in the movie business.

Whether you lose fat or build muscle - you always have to give everything to get a toned body! This is a credo that some film actors have internalized well in order to be able to make a career in Hollywood. Lifting weights, taking care of your body, and having muscular arms may or may not allow you to get bad boy roles, like Dwayne Johnson in tooth Fairy on probation).

So we've made a rough list of the 20 owners of the thickest arms in the world of cinema. They managed to make a career thanks to their incredible biceps-triceps combo. From Vin Diesel to Steeve Reeves, from Hulk Hogan to Terry Crews - there is definitely something for everyone. If you think our ranking is out of order, don't be angry with us! We tried to be as fair as possible, even though we have our favorites too, of course.

If this picture gallery inspires you and makes you want a film career, we are happy to support you on your way to muscular arms. If it doesn't work out, in the worst case scenario, he'll still have an athletic body. That's not bad either.