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Expectations: How Ambiguity Tolerance Affects Your Success

Benjamin Franklin already stated that nothing hurts as much as failed expectations. However, he recognized that it is precisely through such a failure that a critical mind can explore its own behavior. In this way the source of the erroneous assumptions can be discovered and the future correct ones can also be found out. However, this requires self-reflection. Quite a few people just have a high Expectationthat is not questioned in more detail. Disappointments are inevitable. The danger with expectations like this is that you get stuck on something. That clouds the view of opportunities and ends in a negative spiral. On the other hand, you can have a lasting effect on your success if you deal realistically with your expectations and possibilities. How this can work ...

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Expectation Definition: What does that mean?

In the literal sense of the word means expectation (English: expectations) an attitude shaped by certain expectations. Among the sciences, sociology is particularly concerned with expectations. The term expectation can be from two perspectives consider:

On the one hand, the expectation that we ourselves have. Due to certain circumstances we arrive at corresponding assumptions. On the other hand, other people have expectations of us. These are shaped by social normsthat are reflected in our social behavior.

Accordingly, there is hardly a situation in human life that is not shaped by expectations. It starts in childhood; Parents have certain expectations to their children - be it with regard to language acquisition, certain skills, school or sporting achievements or in dealing with other people.

The classic "As long as you put your feet under my table ..." shows how many parents expect their offspring to this day.

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Expectation and disappointment

Rules of etiquette for everyday life and business etiquette start where the parenting ends. You contribute to Expansion of the repertoire learned so far at. And depending on the environment in which you move, expectations of you rise again here as well:

Anyone who holds a management position and is invited to dinner with the top boss is expected to behave appropriately. Usually the guest will be Do the best you cannot to disappoint his supervisor or embarrass him by behaving inappropriately in front of other guests.

Expectations and disappointments are especially close together when there is one unjustified or at least very high There are expectations. Someone who has already worked overtime will only have barely justified hopes for a promotion on this basis.

It is different if someone is characterized by an above-average level of commitment over a longer period of time and brings good ideas to the table. Does he do this not for an end in itselfbut if it is linked to the expectation of being promoted in the near future, this idea will most likely result in disappointment if the colleague passes him by.

High expectations: a generation-specific problem

The British-American management consultant and cultural scientist Simon Sinek explains in an interview with the entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu which type of person is particularly strong even stands in the way. In fact, an entire generation can be identified that has exaggerated expectations.

Generation Y, the so-called millennials, at least seem particularly prone to it to be. According to Sinek, these expectations are caused by different people and opinions.

Most of the misery of many millennials is due to a misguided upbringing, invariably in its claim to encourage the child and not to allow disappointment everything honored. This means that no demands are made. However, this does not create any incentives for the child.

Expectations: Quotes and sayings

  • Both harm themselves: those who promise too much and who expect too much.Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
  • Those who do a lot themselves and expect little from others will have little sorrow.Confucius
  • As one grows older, one learns to understand that one cannot ask everything of a person and that one must be satisfied when a vine bears grapes. In younger years, strawberries and raspberries are also required.Theodor Fontane
  • Often expectation fails, and then mostly when it promises certain assistance; And is fulfilled where hope has long since grown cold, where faith has faded and despair prevails.William Shakespeare
  • What is expected usually falls short of expectation.August von Kotzebue

Expectations that are too high lead to defeat

Certainly there are also people who do not belong to Generation Y and yet have overdimensioned expectations. However, among millennials, the number is observational significantly higher. Some school leavers, who got a high school diploma, believe that the world was just waiting for them.

Your demands on the job - regardless of whether and which qualifications you have - are, for example:

  • It has to be fun.
  • Working hours must be ideally combined with leisure activities.
  • The pay should be very good.
  • The job should be kind of cool and creative.
  • A managerial position would be good, but please not with responsibility.

People to whom everything is given do not develop ambition, because it is signaled to them that they can effortlessly achieve anything. At the moment, however, when these people, as adults, have to realize that they are in the real world of work Develop positions, preferences and the like, so have to deliver a measurable performance, the disappointment is huge.

Much more unpleasant, however, is that Self-image also damaged is. The realization that the previous life and previous perception were based on an error, shakes the self-esteem.

Add another problem to this problem poor impulse control, the path to professional life is difficult.

Ambiguity tolerance helps against expectations

It can be just as exhausting when someone does Pressure from the expectations of others is delivered. For example the child who should always bring home good school grades. Or the employee who's supposed to get an even better deal next time than before.

In order to be able to deal with the expectations of oneself, tolerance of ambiguity is very helpful. That is the degree to which someone is using opposing expectations and contradictions can handle. The higher this tolerance for ambiguity, the better someone can cope with ambiguous and contradicting situations.

In this respect, tolerance of ambiguity can, for example, be part of intercultural competence. Overall, however, it is suitable for unfamiliar situations that many people normally do Cause malaise or aggression would.

Anyone who works in a responsible position is constantly confronted with contradicting demands that have to be endured. Ambiguity tolerance is therefore one of the personality traits that a manager should bring with them. You must, too Still able to act in uncertain situations be able to make rational decisions.

It is often the case that people with a high tolerance for ambiguity feel outright about such situations magically attracted feel. They love the unknown and new and can easily withstand the expectations of others. Not everyone has this serenity.

Tips in dealing with others

Regardless of whether you as a manager have to deal with different team members or whether you are attacked by annoying participants with specific questions during a presentation: There are a few things you can do if the expectations of you get too high:

  • Self reflection: Go inside and recap when you've been in similar situations. How did you feel there, what helped you to cope with the situation?
  • Relativization: Some people tend to think in extremes, for them there is only black or white, right or wrong. Make yourself aware that the expectations placed on you do not necessarily have to be universally valid. They just represent an opinion, just as people have different expectations.
  • Diversity: See critical feedback (unless it relates to clear mistakes on your part) as enrichment.
  • Compensation: Find a balance to relieve tension, for example sport. It is good for your health and clears your mind.
  • Foresight: If possible, try to resolve emerging conflicts through unjustified expectations in advance. Tensions should be addressed and clarified at an early stage so that escalations can be avoided.

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