Is crossdressing a transvestite

CrossDressing is not a salad dressing like French dressing. I would call it a hobby - similar to acting. Just like an actor can slip into different roles (see famous actors like Robert de Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Vanessa Redgrave, Götz George, who partially fully identify with the role they play), the CrossDresser also slips into a role - that of a woman.

The new man ... ... how he's changing.

In contrast to the transsexual, who is a woman as she feels but is outwardly a man, the CrossDresser remains a man. He only plays this female role. Many CrossDressers live in heterosexual partnerships (see also the articles under CrossDressing Topics), often the partner knows about it and / or supports and advises the CrossDresser.

For many CrossDressers, wearing female clothing leads to sexual arousal and then usually also to masturbation; some have intercourse with their female partners completely en femme. If the partner accepts this - which is understandably unusual (which man likes to sleep with a woman in double ribs and an attached mustache?) - this is OK. But if it is only possible en femme, you should think a few things about your own behavior.

For the fetishist, clothing is the only sexual piece of desire. The wearer is secondary. Again, I recommend thinking about your relationship with your partner.

For me, CrossDressing is more comparable to people who live as originally as possible as Indians or similar in their free time. Authenticity is also important for them - but they never become real Indians. I myself would count myself among those cross-dressers who outwardly play a woman from time to time and have fun with it when no one really notices it. I would never cultivate our sexuality en femme with my wife. For me, CrossDressing is no substitute for a missing or poorly functioning relationship.

The boundaries and variants to fetishists, transvestites and others are fluid. The causes are still largely unexplored. Although there are assumptions (such as the wishes of the parents during pregnancy, upbringing, family circumstances), there is no clear evidence of the reasons why someone becomes a cross-dresser. In almost all cases, the first CrossDressing experiences are between the ages of 6 and 10 years, even if there are sometimes longer breaks later in the course.

It is almost completely unknown whether there are also female cross-dressers - women who wear men's clothing for the same reasons as male cross-dressers. Perhaps it is less common in women because wearing male clothing is not as socially frowned upon in women as it is the other way around. Maybe someone will know more and get in touch with me.

The biggest mistake a CrossDresser can make against themselves is to blame themselves or feel guilty about the CrossDressing. I can only say: live the crossdressing - wherever.

There are cross-dressers who also want to show society very aggressively who and what they are. I don't recommend this to everyone, though. Those who present themselves en femme to society show a lot of courage and self-confidence and certainly do a lot for social recognition. But I do not share the converse conclusion that every CrossDresser who does not dare to take part in such activities, but is only en femme within their own four walls, is a coward.

Under terms, I have tried to explain the terms cross-dresser, transvestite and transsexual, among other things. The definitions there should serve more to clarify the terms for the pages here, but I do not claim to have a scientifically founded explanation.

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