Where is your favorite place in Cornwall

Enchanting Cornwall - all tips at a glance

Cornwall is considered wildly romantic. It is not for nothing that it is the location of many soulful films. So what could be more suitable for a break for two? We visited the most beautiful places within a week. I'll tell you all the tips about sights and travel routes in this post.

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Our travel route England for a week

We flew to London and went to see it from there Stonehenge. From there it went on to our first station Bath. We then took up the second quarter in the coastal town St. Ives on. Then it went to the coast of South of England to Torquay further. We had our last accommodation in Brighton. From there we could easily reach London Airport.

Mystical Stonehenge - a visit is a must

The monument can be reached via a tunnel. There we first had to pay admission to get to the large fenced megaliths. We were lucky, there were only a few visitors and so we could soak up the unique atmosphere almost undisturbed. Inevitably, we wondered how it was possible to create these huge stones in prehistoric times. What purpose did they serve? The sun observation and a sun cult? Have human sacrifices been made? The experts are still not clear about this.

Wonderful bath with lots of sights to see

After this historical stopover, we went straight to the pretty city of Bath, the health resort has beautifully restored ruins of a Roman spa, which are absolutely worth seeing. Bath impresses with its Renaissance urban design and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast. The owners had lovingly decorated their home and we were warmly welcomed. In the sunshine we let ourselves drift through the lovely city and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was wonderful to explore the city hand in hand as a couple. We spent a lot of time in the Roman Baths. Undoubtedly the city's greatest attraction.

Roman Baths

Cornwall tips for your vacation

It went on to the south - Cornwall here we come!

We had a solid base in St. Ives chosen, from there we went on excursions. The Pedn-Olva Hotel convinced us with its fantastic location with a wonderful view of Porthminster Beach and the harbor. We could already enjoy the view at breakfast. The rooms of the hotel were in dire need of a renovation, the bathroom felt like we were in a closet! We inquired about the charming place on foot.

Our “restaurant” tip for Cornwall

We bought delicious Fish'nChips at the harbor for a reasonable price. We sat on a bench to enjoy the view of the harbor during our meal. This turned out to be quite difficult, however, because huge seagulls were flying towards us and wanted to get a bite to eat.

Land’s End - fantastic cliffs and views

We were traveling outside of the main travel season and enjoyed a deserted one Land’s end. We left the parking lot and the "amusement park" behind us very quickly and went to the dreamlike cliffs with beautiful views.

Land’s end

Newquaq - English seaside resort and Mecca for all surfers

The next day we went on a trip to Newquay, Cornwall's largest seaside resort and the mecca of all surf freaks. The Coast Path near Newquay was very pretty and natural. The Cornish Pastier, which are also offered in bakeries and are filled with meat, vegetables or sweet, are highly recommended for those who are hungry in between. We treated ourselves to this snack in the pedestrian zone in Newquay and watched the small-town hustle and bustle while lingering on a bench.

Oh you cute Padstow

I found the small port town particularly pretty Padstow with its narrow streets and medieval houses. Padstow is quieter and has more flair than the more hectic Newquay.

Our résumé on Cornwall in England

It's always raining in England! We always had sunshine. The English are very polite, warm and hospitable. With its cozy pubs and restaurants, southern England attracts with really tasty food. We especially liked the rough cliffs and the lovely nature.

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