How are nut oils made

Nut oils: what are there and how best to use them

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Walnut oil

Of all nut oils, walnut oil has the most unobtrusive nut aroma. It goes very well with bitter leaf salads such as endive salad. If you use it to make mayonnaise, it gets a fine, nutty note.

To do this, beat one egg yolk, two teaspoons of mustard, one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of vinegar with the mixer until a creamy mass is formed. Then slowly beat in 125 milliliters of walnut oil and season with a little salt if necessary.

Hazelnut oil

This nut oil is made from roasted hazelnuts and has a very strong aroma. Because of this, it should only be used in small amounts.

Make a vinaigrette from good white wine vinegar and a little hazelnut oil. This vinaigrette is ideal for brushing fish fillets.

almond oil

If the oil is pressed from unroasted almonds, the taste hardly comes into its own. Therefore, it is better to use the oil from roasted almonds.

It goes well with green vegetables (caution: do not cook with them!), For preparing vinaigrettes and mayonnaise (see walnut oil for a recipe).

Pistachio oil

This oil is not available everywhere and is very expensive.

It gives green vegetables a very subtle aroma, and a few drops add flavor to any fried or grilled fish.

Pine nut oil

Pine nut oil is one of the nut oils with a subtle aroma.

Use it with grilled fish or shellfish such as B. Prawns.

peanut oil

For an intense aroma, you should only use the cold-pressed oil. The usual ones available in the supermarket, on the other hand, taste rather neutral.

Both variants go particularly well with Asian dishes from the wok. You can use the cold-pressed oil to make a delicious sauce that is ideal as a dip for raw or steamed vegetables and spring rolls. Simply mix the oil with a little soy sauce and fresh, chopped coriander leaves.

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