What is healthier salads or sushi rolls

Healthy and slim with sushi

What follows are good resolutions like “From now on there is only healthy”. If you want to pay attention to your line, you don't necessarily have to do without tasty and fast food. And that's where sushi fits perfectly.

Sushi is low in fat and great for calorie counters

Often mentioned in the same breath as fast food, the small delicacies have relatively little in common with burgers, bratwurst & Co. The best thing about sushi: it's low in fat and packed with nutrients. The individual ingredients such as fish, rice and algae are real health miracles - it is not for nothing that sushi translates as "long life".

And calorie counters will also be happy, because they don't have to count a lot with sushi. A kappa (cucumber) maki has only 20 calories and with 200 calories, for example 10 rice nibbles, a person is completely satisfied.

Sushi makes you feel full

The rice is filling for a long time and contains valuable vitamin B as well as potassium and magnesium, which helps the body's protein production on the jumps. Keyword protein: Here, too, the little trend snacks are right at the forefront. The fish is rich in protein and contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the heart and blood lipid levels.

Anyone who loves sushi knows that ginger is served with it. This neutralizes the taste, but not only that. Used as a remedy in Asia for thousands of years, it stimulates the circulation and promotes blood circulation. Also the trimmings of the small rolls, the nori algae, are healthy and make you fit. They contain zinc and, among other things, vitamins A, C and B12, which are important for cell division.

No genetically modified ingredients or artificial additives at Sushi Circle

For someone who loves to eat, sushi is just the thing to not have to go without delicious food! In addition, Sushi Circle completely dispenses with genetically modified ingredients or artificial additives. Everything to take away, of course. So why not have a sushi day a week and reduce the hip gold and promote health?

Fancy sushi?

Anyone who is now in the mood for our delicious sushi can use our Restaurants or fresh sushi islandsfulfill his wishes. Or simply pre-order hereand pick it up at a restaurant near you.

We wish you a good appetite and a good start into the new year!