Why is Batman not a yellow lantern

Why isn't Batman looking for a yellow lantern ring?


In addition to the existing answers in the Forever Evil comic, Volume 4, Batman actually has a yellow ring. He plans to use it against the criminal "Green Lantern", the Power Ring. He puts on the ring and is terribly defeated by the Power Ring, which then easily destroys Batman's yellow ring.

Sinestro explains Batman's failure to be a worthwhile yellow lantern:

Batman failed because he did not succumb to his fears. Apparently that's a requirement. I don't know if it has been said literally in other comics, but I always thought being afraid of something was a requirement to be a yellow lantern, not just the ability to instill fear.

Michael Mügge

The ring says, "Bruce Wayne, you're going to be ... exposed now," then it says, "No!"

Sounds to me like Batman doesn't like the idea of ​​being "subject" to the ring.


But as the last panel shows, he didn't know what was going on. He instinctively reacted to an attack. That doesn't mean that he doesn't necessarily want a device like this in a quieter moment.


There was one point where he owned a yellow ring. When Robin asked what he wouldn't keep and use, he simply said, "Not my style."


Do you remember in which edition, in which title or in which act this exchange took place?

Johnny Ace

Batman uses Lucius devices for a reason. He trusts Lucius and knows exactly what he uses to make them and what they can do.

Batman, on the other hand, totally hates Sinestro. He doesn't trust him at all and has no idea what a yellow lantern ring can do with full force.

There are some things Batman would cross the line for, but exposing his fears to all and being controlled by a ring of fear is not something he would do.


Do you have canon examples that support your points?