What is a quality index

Support for custom spend metric for quality index

Custom output metrics are supported to output the quality index of the interface.

User interface location: In Structure mode, click Home> Run> Measures. In the Measure dialog box, click New. In the Measure Definition dialog box, under Quantity, select Interface and Quality Index.

Version: Creo

Check out a video that demonstrates this optimization:

Support for custom spend metric for quality index

What is the benefit of this optimization?

This improvement gives you more information and visibility about the quality of the interface. You can check whether this interface is sufficiently networked for high quality results. This measured variable reports a value in the range from 0 to 1 (0-1). 0 is a bad network and 1 is a good network.

additional Information


Use this metric when you want to check the power quality for a given interface. If the value of this metric is <1, you should refine the network for this interface by adding the appropriate AutoGEM control. Alternatively, you can improve the network quality by using an assigned network.


The overall interface quality depends on the network quality and the type of contact. Contact between curved edges or surfaces that results in a contact area close to 0 can also affect the quality of the interface.

Does this replace existing functionality?


Configuration options for this functionality:


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