Why wasn't Disney's Atlantis movie popular?

Atlantis - The Secret of the Lost City
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The young scientist Milo (voice: Michael J. Fox / Stefan Kampwirth) is convinced that the mysterious sunken city of Atlantis exists. But since the directors of the museum in which he works consider his theory to be a pipe dream, his dream of discovering Atlantis seems to be shattered. But he's lucky. As a member of a submarine mission financed by a wealthy private individual, he dives into the depths of the sea in search of the legendary Atlantis. And indeed: Atlantis exists and the residents have been able to preserve part of the fascinating culture! But now the city is on the verge of final demise. Only the Atlantic princess Kida (voice: Cree Summer / Maria Schrader) and Milo are able to save Atlantis from this dire fate.

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Atlantis - The Secret of the Lost City
By Carsten Baumgardt
December 6, 2001. A date with a signal character. One day after Walt Disney would have turned 100, the 40th full-length cartoon from the Maus-Haus will hit German cinemas. But this time everything is different. "Atlantis - The Secret of the Lost City" is a mystical action adventure that is not only aimed specifically at the young target group, but instead throws a whole series of old Disney principles overboard. Venerable Walt Disney, always striving for happiness, will rotate in his grave in the face of this turning away. During his lifetime, “Atlantis” would not have existed in this form. Even if the film is better than many of the last Disney works such as “Pocahontas”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Hercules” or “Mulan”, the bookworm Milo's search for the “masterpiece” is what he likes to give himself legendary city of Atlantis far away ...
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Atlantis is especially for the very young target group. It works great there, but not so much for adults. You can tell what a huge progress you have made in the cartoon genre. The kids experience an exciting trip to Atlantis. The adults will find logic holes in the story, everything happens a little quickly, etc. But the film has damn good ideas and approaches. If you were to use this as a template for a ...
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Well, "Atlantis" is optically a successful mixture of elaborate three-dimensional computer images and in places somewhat coarse (but always clean and true-to-style), classic cartoon elements. The characters are quite interesting and funny, even if the humor is a bit shorter here overall in most of the Disney predecessors. I also found the story quite appealing. That the film despite this potential ...
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