Yuna means something in Japanese


Name meaning

Yuna is a modern female given name that has only been known in Germany for a few years. It can be traced back to different origins, which is why its meaning is not clear.

The following roots and meanings can be assigned to Yuna:

  • Breton: name variant of Yves (the archer), derived from Ivo. The name also owes to him the name days on April 24th, May 19th and December 23rd
  • Japanese: Several interpretations possible, depending on pronunciation and assigned Kanji (characters). 1) a type of hibiscus 2) warm-hearted 3) summer dream
  • Possibly also Korean first name, meaning depends on the Hangul (characters) used

Unconfirmed sources also name Yuna as the patroness of the clog makers. However, this could not be proven. Traditionally, this role is attributed to Saint Renatus.

The name found its way into German birth registers around 2008. Its wearers are correspondingly young. Most are currently in babies and toddlers. It is also quite new in other countries. In the USA, newborn girls have been called Yuna since around the turn of the millennium, albeit in very small numbers. But also there, as in this country, its popularity is increasing.

Another variant that has not yet been used in Germany will also be Yoona and Yeonha called. A name with the same sound is Juna.

The album of the same name by the Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna also contains a track with this name.