What is the headgear of horse tack

Riding out

A great ride through nature: it feels like strolling endlessly through forests and galloping across fields, that delights both the rider's heart and the horse. It brings variety to horse training and can also provide a relaxed break from everyday life. To a successful one Ride out for rider and horse, there are not only some rules of conduct that should be followed when riding in the field, but also the right riding equipment for horse and equestrian. There are different requirements for riding equipment in winter and summer. So that you and your horse are optimally equipped in every season, whether for a short ride or for a longer trail ride, we present some useful riding equipment here that make the ride in the terrain a great experience for rider and horse and you best equip. Regardless of whether you are out and about with your horse in summer or winter, the following always applies, of course: Safety First. Therefore we provide you with possible Safety equipment for you and your horse first before, for rides in the light as well as in the dark. Of course, they are also allowed to ride out Insect repellent, Exercise rugs and the right riding clothing depending on the season is not missing. We'll also see which ones Saddle bag you can best use how and for which rides, so that everything you need is there.