Why are the good-looking people usually assholes

Wild Duck

A book with a real wow! Effect. Provocative, breathtakingly lateral thinking about important topics, some of which do not even come to mind. Written in an exciting way, sometimes gentle, sometimes bitterly angry, always funny and brilliant: be careful, read slowly and enjoy - don't miss anything! It strikes a strange balance between irony, executioner's seriousness, slapstick, satire and philosophical calm. We waver: "That's exactly right." - "Is that really meant seriously?" - "You shouldn't say that like that!" Did you know that people work best and most successfully when they see meaning and challenge in their work, when they find fulfillment and joy in it? We all know this, but our educational and management systems are only satisfied when learning and teaching, work and advancement are hardship. The author dares to make the provocative prognosis: The controlling computers of the future will force work to be fun.


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Gunter Dueck, born in 1951, lives with his wife Monika, Anne and Johannes in Waldhilsbach near Heidelberg. He studied mathematics and business administration from 1971-75, and received his doctorate in mathematics from Bielefeld University in 1977. He researched for 10 years with his scientific father Rudolf Ahlswede, with whom he won the 1990 Prize Paper Award of the IEEE Information Theory Society for a new theory of message identification. After completing his habilitation in 1981, he was Professor of Mathematics at Bielefeld University for five years and in 1987 moved to the IBM Scientific Center in Heidelberg. There he founded a large working group to solve industrial optimization problems and played a key role in setting up the data warehouse service business at IBM Germany. Gunter Dueck is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, IEEE Fellow and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He works on the technological direction of IBM, on strategic issues, and cultural change. Even if he is more concerned about the real world, he is surprisingly optimistic for his age in all other situations.

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