What do people like about people who watch?

That's why a lot of people are now watching YouTubers learn

By Madlen Schäfer | September 11, 2019, 3:21 p.m.

Watching people learn - do you find it boring? However, this is exactly a current trend and is becoming increasingly popular with YouTube users.

Jamie is a student at her desk. She reads a book attentively and underlines important passages with a yellow marker. Every now and then she taps around on her laptop and then reads on. The American uploaded the video to YouTube. Do you think that sounds like a boring video? The fans of the medical student Jamie see it differently. She's now a YouTube star precisely because of those videos that show her drumming for hours. Your channel “TheStrive Studies” has almost 200,000 subscribers on the platform. Your videos are clicked a million times. The following video, for example, has been viewed more than three million times:

The learning trend on YouTube

The learning Jamie is not an isolated case, other YouTubers have also specialized in filming themselves while studying and then post these videos online. While most people tend to have negative memories of studying for a written exam or exam, more and more people want to see just that. You can watch the YouTubers learning in a wide variety of situations, whether in the library or at home. Sometimes they explain their learning technique in advance, sometimes they show how they spend their breaks - for example with eating snacks, in some cases music is still playing in the background. In everyone, the videos are always one thing: relatively monotonous. Sometimes the learning people hardly move for several minutes.

This trend is known as "Gongbang". Translated it is called a learning video. In English-speaking countries, these videos are marked as “study with me”. The phenomenon is said to have its origin in South Korea. It is reminiscent of the Let's Play videos, where you can watch YouTubers play games. Except that the viewer can usually learn secret tricks for later gambling. The “Gongbang”, on the other hand, is all about learning. So why should you watch other people learn?

That's why the videos are so popular

There are probably several reasons for the success of the videos. In our fast-paced world and the colorful world of the Internet, such learning videos primarily offer peace and relaxation. A little break. Some users can even fall asleep easily. “I'm not studying right now, but I use these 'study with me' videos to help me fall asleep. Works every time! Thank you Jamie, please please make more of these videos, ”writes a YouTube user. It seems to help other users to use these videos to feel that they don't have to study alone. Another user wrote: "It sucks to study alone and to listen to music in the background too" doesn't really help. In fact, it helps to learn 'with someone' and I've never felt more confident about finishing my school successfully. Thanks for making these videos! I bet they help a lot of other people out there and I also know some friends who watch the videos help them learn too. ”For others, the videos have the opposite effect: instead of learning, they procrastinate, so they steer themselves away from learning with watching the videos. For Youtuber Jamie, the whole thing was also worth it off the platform. She successfully completed her studies and is now a doctor.


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