Hairdressers make good money

Unfair paymentWhy Hairdressers so little to earn

The price range at hairdressers is very wide - it ranges from five euros for a haircut to 200 euros. Many customers find fair payment good, but still don't want to dig deep into their pockets for a new hairstyle.

Our reporter Grit Eggerichs was out and about in Berlin to find out why the price range for visits to the hairdresser is so large. In one of the hairdressing salons that Grit visited, her business economist Marcus said that a hairdresser should take 50 to 60 euros an hour so that the salon can finance itself.

"A craftsman in Germany has to earn 50 to 60 euros an hour. Whether I am doing one customer an hour or two for 30 euros or six customers for 10 euros - the goal is the same, otherwise the hairdresser puts it on top."
Marcus, Rezeoptionist in the hair salon

Marcus always makes hourly appointments for all customers that cost at least 50 euros.

Many hairdressers offer their services much cheaper. They can do that either because they don't spend that much time with their customers, says Marcus. In many cases, however, they simply do not pay sales tax to the tax office - that would be 19 percent, which they can be cheaper than the tax-paying competition. Every fourth hairdresser is a one-person company that earns less than 17,500 euros a year. The small business regulation applies to them - the hairdresser does not have to pay sales tax. A clear competitive disadvantage for salons like his, says Marcus.

"We have always paid above the minimum wage. That is the base salary. In addition, there is a variable part that comes on top as a bonus."
Marcus does the bookkeeping in the salon "Peter Arnheim hair & makeup"

Pay fair and share in sales

The company in which Marcus works has four employees and is financially sustainable. For Peter Arnheim, the boss of the shop, it is important to pay fair wages.

Earn more than the minimum wage right from the start

It is also important to Sven Weinhönig, owner of a vegan hairdresser, to pay fairly. Since the company was founded, its employees have received more than the minimum wage, around EUR 11.30 to EUR 12. He also has commissions. And of course the tips that customers leave there. On average, 1,400 to 1,500 euros net per month, says master hairdresser Sven. The fact that many customers are not willing to pay appropriately for a haircut is due to the bad image of the profession, says Sven. He quotes a stupid saying: If you can't do anything, you just become a hairdresser.

"It's a shame because the job is interesting and varied, and I enjoy working in the job anew every day."
Hairdresser Sven on the bad image of the hairdressing trade