What fireworks are legal in PA

A ban on fireworks on New Year's Eve is currently being discussed in Germany. In Kassel, too, some dealers do not want to sell fireworks.

  • Because of the corona pandemic, many people are looking forward to December tense.
  • The discussions also revolve around a Fireworks ban at New Year's Eve.
  • There are already dealers in Kassel who do not sell fireworks.

Kassel - The Netherlands is the first European country to have a complete ban on fireworks New Year's Eve pronounced. The fear of more is too great Corona infections At street parties, the risk that the health system will be overloaded by injuries at the turn of the year is too high.

So far there is none in Germany Fireworks ban, but many politicians are in favor of it. However: The first dealers are already reacting, banning firecrackers and rockets from their range - also in kassel.

New Year's Eve 2020 in Kassel: Many hardware stores do not sell fireworks

Many hardware stores do not want to support the private bang this year. Chains like Hornbach, Obi or Bauhaus won't be in their branches pyrotechnics to offer. You refer above all to animal and environmental protection, want to become more sustainable.

Radmila Kelm won't be one this year either Fireworks to sell. It runs two Rewe stores in Süsterfeld-Helleböhn and Waldau. Your reason for not selling: “This year after the New Year's walk it was clear to me that I no longer wanted to support it. All the trash on the side of the road everywhere, ”she says.

It doesn't go together to look after a clean environment all year round and then to do so much in a single day particulate matter in the air to blow and waste to produce. In addition, many people end up in hospital with burns and smoke inhalation on New Year's Eve. "That doesn't have to be the case during Corona," says Kelm.

New Year's Eve 2020 in Kassel: Corona affects sales of fireworks

Even at Edeka Wenzel in the north of the city, the pandemic Influence on fireworks sales. “We can also influence the customer through our measures. If we don't offer fireworks, we might do something to ensure that people are not so close together, ”says Wenzel. However, the current infection status must then also be taken into account.

“We have ordered fireworks, they will also be delivered, and if there are no political decisions, they will sale prevent it, we will probably also offer it, ”says Wenzel. He wants to make a final decision with his team soon. "Sometimes it is more sensible to act socially rather than commercially," he says.

Meanwhile, Aldi and Lidl have announced this year too Fireworks wanting to offer. "Experience shows that our customers have been very interested in fireworks for years," says Aldi. (Pascal Spindler)

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