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Best game books 2020: novels, retro compendia and other page-turners

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There is still nothing like physical media I think, and a lot of game books wrap that up. They are some of the best companion materials in the vast world of toys. They provide a fine and nifty means of expanding your own gear and merch collection, and also offer the ability to provide more information and background content for our favorite games.

So when it comes to physical game merch, video game books combine some wonderful things to make them really attractive acquisitions: by combining behind-the-scenes glimpses with artwork and inspiration or great stories, and seamlessly filling narrative gaps with great imagination, or We Sweep back to our early days with wonderful reviews of the retro gaming scene. Game books in all of their forms are something to be greatly appreciated and cherished among the riches in plastic and flammable deed that normally come to fruition when viewing game merch.

The best game books

We cherish many game books to the utmost (we also have a dedicated guide to the best video game art books). And you'll see some of our favorites here as we take a closer look at the best game books: from novels and supporting fiction to beautiful art and lore books, and books specifically celebrating the retro games of our past - there's a glorious selection to choose from Selection. (Just as a warning, book covers and artwork look different depending on where you are in the world. However, as long as you use the links below and stick to the book titles, you won't go wrong.)

Play novels

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Novels are a great way to keep enjoying the stories of our favorite games - or enjoying them again, but in a slightly different but equally engaging way. Granted, some are more successful than others, but in general there are some great books to be found alongside some of the biggest and best game series we know and love.

It's important to note that even the seemingly simplest plot novelty - like the Assassin's Creed books - is still worth reading, as the authors and writers often provide plenty of additional backstories and narrative or plot sequences to support and fill “Gaps” that the games might have had. For example, you get additional backstory and information about Kenway Saga with the novel Forsaken, rather than just a retelling of Assassin's Creed III. You will also find that some games that are full of lore and history and different countries and races produce really rich series of novels with unique, standalone stories that are really engaging, like the Dragon Age books.

Anyway, there are many, many game-based series of novels out there and it would be pretty uninspiring just to list them all, but there are some outstanding series of novels you can go to in the first place, and you will find a few from them below, starting with one that has become very popular again recently ...

Witcher book series | Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Witcher books are enjoying a major revival. Head over to The Last Wish to start or Blood of Elves to jump in at the start of Ciris 'Saga' and enjoy some great stories and tales from the continent.

Assassin's Creed book series | Amazon US | Amazon UK
Oliver Bowden et al. Did a great job joining the dots and adding narrative achievements to the Templar and Assassin conflict over the centuries. You can start with Renaissance as it was the first book to be published, with The Secret Crusade that follows Altair after the first game, or with whatever is next to your favorite game.

Metro book series | Amazon US | Amazon UK
Combine the recent and definitive Metro Exodus DLC release with these capricious and gripping underground stories set in Moscow during the post-nuclear apocalypse, luckily they are easy to navigate due to the year stamp on each one, and hence Metro is 2033 the one you want to go for first.

Dishonored book series | Amazon US | Amazon UK
The three of these novels, an underrated series of books, keep the rich world of Dishonored's Empire of the Isles and its history and places alive with great impact. The Corroded Man is the first book.

Dragon Age book series | Amazon US | Amazon UK
In these novels, one of the richest, most interesting and brilliant game worlds in Thedas is brought to life. There is so much lore and history that the games can already build on. To get started with the books, you should start with The Stolen Throne.

Halo book series | Amazon US | Amazon UK
An iconic game series with an established and deep universe to draw from; It's a great setup for a book series. You should start with Halo: The Fall of Reach to get the ball rolling.

Mass Effect book series | Amazon US | Amazon UK
Similar to the Dragon Age series, there is a rich mine of lore and history with Mass Effects with a futuristic science fiction setting. Start with the mass effect: revelation.

Gaming type books

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Video game art books are some of my favorite collectible items, and I have dozens of them that I enjoy diving in and out of frequently. Gone are the days of guides and strategy books that happened to contain art, and even the behind-the-scenes books ("How the Developers Made the Game") are not seen as often anymore. Now they cover inspiration and concept art, other lore and information about the game universe, location stories and character backgrounds - improving almost everything about a game and what you thought you knew. They really are some of the best video game books you can get. There are hundreds of these art books, and more are brought to us each year. That is why we have steered you in the right direction at the same time, generally and a little more precisely below. (You have to forgive us for not including all of the favorites * sadface *.)

Video game art books on Amazon US
This link will take you to a number of beautiful video game art books. The listings often start with some big hits or recent releases, but you can find anything you want there.

Video game art books on Amazon UK
The same goes for the UK: this link will take you to the enormous selection of artwork-based playbooks that you can get on Amazon.

Some real audience favorites are out there and always remain popular. So I've taken the liberty of listing some of these below for inspiration and including some of the excellent game books that aren't on our bookshelves for pre-order.

The sorcerer's world Amazon US | Amazon UK
This compendium is a perfect book to go with the novels, games, and now the Witcher Netflix TV series. Written from the perspective of Jaskier / Löwenzahn, it beautifully covers the lore of the continent and its monsters, peoples and places.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Creating a Champion | Amazon US | Amazon UK
In the meantime, while we wait for Breath of the Wild 2, this art book is the perfect purchase and complements the X. Playthrough to see how Nintendo made its favorite champion.

The world of cyberpunk 2077 | Amazon US | Amazon UK
After your actual Cyberpunk 2077 pre-order, this artbook is an absolute must-have to enjoy Night City. There is also a deluxe edition that looks amazing.

The Art of the Last of Us Part II | Amazon US | Amazon UK
Did you reserve your pre-order for The Last of Us 2? Why not have the accompanying art book pre-ordered? As i have. Or, like I did, pre-order the Deluxe Edition and get the most out of Naughty Dog's beautiful post-apocalyptic world and history.

The Art of Death Stranding | Amazon US | Amazon UK
One of the most intriguing games of the past year, Death Stranding, while having a unique art style and aesthetic, also had a wonderful world to explore. Go further than Sam's journey in the game and get the book.

The Skyrim Library | Amazon US | Amazon UK
Hands down the best companion for all Elder Scrolls games - not just Skyrim. This is a brilliant video game art book collection (there are three volumes that you can put your teeth in either individually or in a beautiful box set) and has a ton of lore, maps, history and information covering everything Tamriel has to offer Has.

Retro play books

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One of the most exciting and standout things to come out of the recent (ish) wave of retro gaming craze that we enjoy is the parallel surge in media that makes us fondly remember past games and technologies. In addition to the resurgence of the best retro game consoles, game cabinets, arcades and accessories, retro game books are also enjoying great popularity - and for good reason. The standard for retro game book publishing is better than ever, ranging from massive console library encyclopedias to insights into how a retro classic was evolving, to tracking the history of technology and all of the trends and twists in culture that went along the way Retro game books provide a wealth of information and fun.

Below are some tips from the bunch that our friends at Retro Gamer Magazine picked for us - thanks for helping us with this part - but if you want to browse more textbooks and books that aren't at available from common retailers, read the read-only memory and bitmap books. Both of these websites have great collections of Really beautiful retro books that are classy, ​​documented in detail and bring to life the joy of retro gaming that we all fondly remember, but also areas that are more niche but no less interesting.

Retro Gaming: A Byte-Long History of Video Games | Amazon US | Amazon UK
This is great, well-structured, easily accessible read. It provides a brief overview of some of the greatest games and systems from the last few decades. From the release of Pong to the appearance of the sixth generation of consoles, all the usual suspects are in attendance and covered.

The CRPG book | Amazon US | Amazon UK
The book "Computer Role Playing Games" is something special. The quality of this title, published by Bitmap Books, is absolutely superb, with lots of lush photographs, insightful and interesting interviews, and adorable screenshots to ponder. Highly recommended.

The NES Encyclopedia | Amazon US | Amazon UK
Chris Scullion's first book is very entertaining read about one of the most popular consoles of the 80s. It's a little about in-depth interviews, but that's easy to forgive as all 714 officially licensed games are contained in this in-depth volume.

Sega Master System: A Visual Compendium | Amazon US | Amazon UK
Another brilliant release from Bitmap Books. This is a ridiculously lavish volume with beautiful photography, beautiful pixel art, and detailed insights into areas of the system's games. It's so good that a few entries about games make you want more.

The retro technology of the nostalgia nerd | Amazon US | Amazon UK
This book introduces nearly every major console and home computer format from the Magnavox Odyssey to the Xbox. It doesn't cover handhelds, but every system in place has multiple pages with a solid history, some nice photos, and a range of games to see, play, and avoid.