Which charities take mattresses


At Schlemmer there is the entire range for your restful sleep. Cheap deals for the
We run our first own apartment as well as the exclusive bedroom furnishings for the upscale
Requirement or special products for special health needs.

With competence and specialist knowledge, we will find the right mattresses, slatted frames, duvets and
Pillow. And this for a fair price! We carry all sizes and different price categories. We also manufacture any special sizes from XXS to XXL!

For the Hotels and restaurants we have a specially developed product line with long-lasting
Spring core mattresses as well as high-quality cold foam mattresses with practical advantages and
Fire protection classification 1.IM.Here you can find the product information.

Our range of travel mattresses Travelwere made especially for camper and Caravans, driver's cabs
from trucks and buses, for boats and ship berths or as take-away Tent or sleeping bag accessories
developed. Here you can find the product information.

Special operations require special measures. We carry specially developed Mattresses for
Camp beds for quick and short-term assignments of Aid organizations. Here you can find the product information.