What is UK 2 1 level

UK grading system

As everywhere in the European Union, UK students receivealso in the UK grading system European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for completed courses. Great Britain would not be Great Britain, however, if the United Kingdom did not also join here own credit point system would have reserved.

CATS Points

in the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS), students usually receive 10 credits for each course they attend. Per year have to 120 points be provided, that makes 12 courses on average a year - four per trimester or six per semester. That makes two CATS-Points roughly into one ECTS-Convert point.

British notes

Be on the UK grading system Grades calculated with percentages. In addition, the percentages correspond to certain deals. Most UK universities use one Degree classification system. The First class honors, also First called, is in it highest awarded rating for students who only reach about 10%.

in the average University graduates cut their studies with the degree Second-class honors from. The second best degree is divided into two levels: The Upper second class and Lower second class. A Third class-The degree is only awarded in very rare cases.

The following conversion table provides guidance, but the decision on equivalency is made individually by each university.

The UK grading system in comparison

DegreeIn percentGerman equivalent
First class (1st)70% and morefrom 76%: 1.0; 70% - 75% 1.3
Upper second class (2.1)60%-69%66%-69%: 1,7; 66%-63%: 2,0; 63%-60%: 2,3
Lower second class (2.2)50%-59%59%-56%: 2,7; 56%-53%: 3,0; 53%-50%: 3,3
Third class (3rd)40%-49%49%-46%: 3,7; 46%-40%: 4, 0
Fail39% and less5,0