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Short Fiction - Thin books that can be read in a day

As they say? Brevity is the soul of wit! Some authors have also adopted this motto for their work. Many people lack time to read and they don't like to put a book down all the time and have to think back to the story at a later point in time. We have the solution: the short books you can find in this list! With * a maximum of 200 pages *, they are ideal for reading them in just one day. So if you are looking for fast food for your head, you've come to the right place! We have selected a few thin books for you that inspire with quality instead of quantity. Of course, we also want to know from you which short books you particularly liked! Enter them in the list below and vote for them. Please make sure that the number of pages does not exceed 200.

Our reading tips for a day

  1. John Steinbeck

    Of mice and humans

    First publication: October 1st, 1987
    Current edition: 01/01/2002
    How about an American classic when you have a little time to spare? For those who want to experience a famous masterpiece that does not overwhelm them with its size, we recommend "Von Mäusen und Menschen". John Steinbeck's novel is able to take the reader with it on less than 200 pages so that the reading experience is a very special one. An unusual friendship and a terrifying story guarantee a deep-seated impression after reading it.