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To travel to Australia on a cargo ship, to travel around the world, to approach each other very slowly down under, without jet lag, without the eternally long flight - that's what many dream of.

That sounds like it at first. a bit unusual, but in fact the plan is not that difficult to implement. If you have enough time, you can easily fulfill this dream.

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How long does it take to travel by container ship to Australia?

For example, you can get on a ship in Hamburg and sail to Fremantle in Western Australia in 36 days. Or in 44 days to Sydney on the east coast.

A container ship route from Germany to Australia could look like this: Hamburg - Le Havre - Fos sur Mer - Genoa - Damietta / Egypt - Suez Canal - Pointe des Galets / La Réunion - Fremantle - Melbourne - Sydney - Adelaide.

What does a trip by cargo ship cost?

The departures are offered monthly, the trip to Fremantle costs from 3600 euros. In the ports, passengers expect lay times of twelve to 48 hours.

What do you need to know?

A freighter trip is not a pleasure trip for cruise tourists 😉 Everything here depends on the cargo that has to be delivered on time. Nevertheless, passengers can of course go on excursions in the ports. Most of the freighter guests are individualists anyway, who like to do something on their own and organize their excursion themselves. Sometimes the freighters also take cars or motorbikes for an additional charge. This is of course practical, because then you have your motorized pedestal with you.

What can you expect on board?

The cabins on the cargo ships are mostly outside cabins with a separate bathroom. Most ships have space for only two to five passengers, while a few ships can carry up to twelve passengers.

Usually there is a warm meal three times a day, which is eaten with the crew in the officers' mess. In addition, there is usually self-service coffee and tea throughout the day. The steward distributes soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits and cigarettes for cash. Many freighters have a saloon with a bar, a small fitness center, sauna and swimming pool.

What is the difference between a freighter voyage and a cruise?

An entertainment program like on a modern cruise ship cannot of course be expected on a freighter. But that doesn't mean you have to get bored. Finally you can read all the books you never had time for, listen to music, write, draw or think intensively about your life. Of course there are also televisions with DVDs on board, but reception is only really possible if you are near the coast.

As a passenger, you normally have free access to the navigating bridge at all times, where you can chat with the captain and the officers and watch them at work. You should only clear the field on the bridge and let the crew do their job in peace and quiet when there is fog, cruising in the area or mooring maneuvers.

There is also no special “dress code” for freighter trips. You can safely leave your ties and pumps at home. You can forget about cell phone reception on the go, but also hectic, stress and constant availability dafür Anyone who embarks on the experience of a freighter trip can really relax, recharge their own batteries and gather strength for new adventures - in Australia!

Freighter Travel Provider

If you are lucky, you can inquire at many shipping companies. Most shipping companies have left their free cabins for sale to special agents who organize everything for you and act as tour operators for you.
If you want to go on a freighter voyage, take a look at or, on both sides you will find a large selection of international freighter voyages.

If you want to emigrate and your container should also go with you 😉 then take a look at our article specifically about containers that can be sent to Australia: The big Australian container 1 × 1

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