What are Canada's Core Values

Religious Practices and Beliefs Leader in Canada

Christianity is very popular

The vast majority of Canadians are of Christian denomination. Almost 70% of the population belong to this religion. In the spectrum of Christian groups, Canadians prefer the Catholic religion. Christianity was introduced by the colonial rulers. Before the arrival of the Europeans The indigenous people who populated this area were of animistic belief . Accordingly, only natural deities were worshiped. As soon as the European settlers entered Canadian territory, however, they became eager to convert the locals to Christianity. By the late 1950s, a variety of heinous crimes were committed against the indigenous population in the name of religion

General decline in belief

Surprisingly, second place after Christianity is occupied by the group of people without religious beliefs, who make up around a quarter of the population. In addition to the fact that a high percentage of Canadians do not belong to any religion, there is a steadily increasing tendency towards apostasy or apostasy. This general decline in religiosity goes hand in hand with the secularization of the state, which wants to leave religious practices to the private life of each individual and gradually withdraw them from the public system. However, this proposition is controversial due to the fact that the Canadian Constitution itself refers to God.

The drastic change of opinion on the subject of religion began in the 1960s during the "Quiet Revolution" in Québec. Until then, the people of Québec Province had been extremely devout. In addition, the educational system was almost entirely under the control of the church.

Strangely enough, despite the dwindling interest in the Catholic religion, the majority of Quebecers say they believe in God even when they do not practice their beliefs.

Despite the general disenchantment with religion among Canadians, the religious pluralism and freedom of belief still to the fundamental Canadian values, although tensions can sometimes be noted with regard to the Islamic religion. However, this is related to cultural differences and recent events that have been amply detrimental to this group for more than a decade.

And what is there besides Christianity and irreligion?

There is an interesting variety of religions in Canada. The fact that Canada has always been open to immigrants largely explains this diversity. You can find Buddhists, Muslims, Hinduists, Sikhs, Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses and even followers of Raelism here. The latter belong to a religious movement that can mainly be found in Québec and whose belief is based on the contact of their leader Raël with extraterrestrials!

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Updated on April 1, 2016