Who retired from Green Bay Packers

Rodgers: "Beginning the second half of his career"

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers lost out in the NFC Championship game last season, so the Packers were again denied the big hit. Rodgers himself still gives himself a lot of time - he is only at the beginning of the second half of his career.

"I think I'm in the second half of my career," admitted Rodgers, speaking to the NFL Network zu, added, however: "But I think I'm just at the beginning. 2017 will be the tenth season for me as a starter, the first three years I was still a backup. So I'm not the typical 13-year old veteran - I was on the sidelines for three years and didn't take any hits while studying the game. "

Rodgers will be 34 years old in December, and he doesn't plan to make a change in the fall of his career: "When I was younger, I looked up at the older players and thought, 'Five or eight years, that would be cool. Anything over ten would be great.' For me, the longevity of my career is tied to the fact that I'm a Green Bay packer. I want to end my career in Green Bay. "

For the coming season, Rodgers has already made specific demands on himself and his teammates: "We have to get out of the starting blocks better. We didn't manage that last season because we lost four games in a row in between It's tough to beat us this season, we've proven it in the last two years. Especially when we're playing at home. So we have to bring the playoffs back to us. In our eyes it's extremely difficult for our opponents to play. when the playoffs go through Green Bay. "