Who is David Dobrik

David Dobrik: The whole dirty story

Somebody had to say it

If you are reasonably careful of what is happening online, you have probably heard of David Dobrik and the many scandals. He and his "Vlog Squad" injured many people. Now is the time for you to get our opinion on this.

I usually don't want to be the person who ends up screaming "I told you so". That's why it was David Dobrik not a big issue on this site so far. But for several months it had been clear that David Dobrik would soon be canceled for at least one questionable cause that he had pulled off in the past.

Why was that clear? While David was one of the top creators for several years, bringing in millions of dollars for both YouTube and himself, iMany of his videos brought him clicks and money at the expense of other people. Some people have spoken negatively about David in the past, but only now do we find out how bad it actually was.

David Dobrik is exactly what is wrong with YouTube

David Dobrik's main channel currently has more than 18 million subscribers.His main source of content was videos with his "Vlog Squad"who can best be described as the people who bullied everyone in school and who went on to become famous. You can also find a lot of prank videos, which are often produced in high quality, but from the start they just seemed trashy in terms of content.

His most successful videos always have something to do with women, especially attractive and famous women. David always attracts viewers with provocative content, which is unfortunately pretty normal on YouTube. But in David Dobrik's case, people get hurt and then made fun of.

David Dobrik enables sexual abuse on YouTube

The first story that got the ball rolling was about a friend and colleague of David who was part of a prank video. He was told he was kissing a beautiful woman wearing a mask. In fact, Jason Nash was under the mask, an almost 50-year-old guy! Jason gave everything and David's friend got out of the situation with a trauma when he later found out that he was basically being abused.

If you don't get it, just imagine it was about a woman who has to kiss someone against her will. Doesn't sound that great, does it? Incidentally, David wanted to convince the same friend to do the whole prank again because it was clicked well. Seriously now?

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. David and his "Squad" have been normalizing sexist, homophobic and racist jokes for years without taking responsibility.So it's not too surprising that the group has been caught up in a couple of dire situations over the past few years.

Durte Dom allegations of abuse

The story that got the whole thing a lot of attention, were the abuse allegations against the former Vlog Squad member Durte Dom. David and his friends invited some girls to his house that evening to film a video together.

Hannah was one of them. Dom thought she was great, but Hannah didn't want to do anything with him. In the course of the evening she was bottled more and more until she was so drunk that she could neither speak nor move.

Dom took her into a room and abused her, only to show off the next morning that he had "a threesome with two pretty girls".The only thing David Dobrik had to say about it on a podcast was that he "wanted to see it with his own eyes" and was happy for his buddy.

Hannah must have been really happy when she heard that too! She probably had no memory of the night and didn't find out until the next morning that she had sex with Dom. Apart from the fact that sex without consent is rape!

David's first apology was a joke

David Dobrik usually deals with scandals the same way I deal with dirty laundry. Just don't talk about it and hope that it will go away on its own. But this time it wasn't possible. His first video apology was on his Third channel online, which has about a million subscribers.

Likes, dislikes and comments were switched off, although the title was "Let's talk". Sure David, that's how you can talk to your wall. But not with your viewers who want answers!

Look at yourself, but this is it By far one of the lameest apology videos in YouTube history. He doesn't even address specific topics, but just drags down what he practiced an hour before. That video was a joke and David knows it! 

His second apology looked fake

After David Dobrik had lost many partners and sponsors, he suddenly wanted to talk about the whole thing again. What a surprise! When it comes to money, the topic suddenly becomes relevant again.

David talks a lot about "consent" in his video, but I don't think he understands what that means. Consent or consent can only be given if the other person knows what they are getting into. Hannah couldn't even remember the night, so she allowed David to upload the video. But that doesn't fix the matter.

If you bring young women to a set that is also attended by an absolute bastard like Dom, then you have to at least take care of them! Which David didn't do, because he's more interested in clicks and money than people.

That's all I have to say about David Dobrik. What you do with this information is up to you.


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