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India landmarks

Here you will find our top 10 India attractions - broken down by region: North, South, West and Central India as well as East.

India landmarks: north

1. Golden Triangle - India for Beginners

The golden triangle, i.e. the region around the cities of Delhi - Agra - Jaipur, is the classic travel route for India beginners. Here you will experience India as you know it from films and travel magazines. Ideal if you want to take your first individual trip to India.

2. Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal in Agra is considered to be one of the most important structures in the world and the most iconic among India's landmarks. It is a testimony to Indo-Islamic architecture. The Mughal Mughal Shah Jahan had the Taj Mahal reached as a burial place for his wife, and the building is still a symbol of love today.

3. Palace of the Winds

The Palace of the Winds in the old town of Jaipur was built from sandstone that shimmers in different shades of red. The building with elaborate ornamentation is one of many structures that earned the capital of Rajasthan the nickname "Pink City".

4. Humayun mausoleum

The Humayun Mausoleum in Delhi, built in the 16th century, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. The architectural jewel was built in the Persian style as a tomb for the Mughal Mughal Nasiruddin Muhammad Humayun.

5. Amritsar Golden Temple

The golden temple of Amritsar is the highest sanctuary of the Singhs. The temple is lined with gold leaf and is located on an island in the Amrit Sarovar (nectar lake). You can even stay here during your trip if you want.

6. Temple of Khajuraho

The sensual sculptures in the temples of Khajuraho are known worldwide and should not be missing on any India cultural trip. Tip: The eastern and southern temples are less visited, most tourists are drawn to the temples in the west.

7. Spiritual Varanasi

The city of Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges is a sacred place for the people of the country: Many pilgrims here to wash themselves in the legendary river. Take a Ganges river cruise at dawn - a spiritual experience that will not let you go.

8. Jodhpur, the blue city

The blue city of Jodhpur shimmers in all shades of this color from afar. Pass through the seven gates to the Meherangarh Fort, an impressive fortress from the 15th century.

9. Udaipur, city of lakes

The peaceful “city of lakes” Udaipur is certainly one of the most scenic cities in India and also offers a multitude of impressive buildings in the historic old town.

10. Tiger safari in Ranthambore National Park

On a tiger safari in Ranthambore National Park you have the best chance of seeing the majestic big cat. The 400 hectare park is also home to leopards, crocodiles and black bears.

India landmarks: south

1. French feeling in Pondicherry

Stroll through the alleys of Pondicherry and enjoy the French flair of the coastal town during your private trip to India. And try the unique regional cuisine, a fusion of Indian and French culinary art.

2. Hampi, city of kings

In the midst of a barren rocky landscape are the palaces and temples of Hampi, the former capital of the Vijayanagar kings. Discover the mystical beauty of the ruins, which is still a mystery to archaeologists today.

3. Meenakshi Amman Temple

The Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai impresses from afar with its bright colors. The city's market is just as colorful.

4. Munnar Tea Museum

At the Munnar Tea Museum, you can learn all about the history of tea growing in India. You can also explore the plantations on foot or by bike.

5. Kerala backwaters

Find peace and relaxation in the Kerala backwaters. Lie in a hammock and relax or try delicious regional fish specialties on your private Kerala trip.

6. Cruise on a houseboat

A network of canals, lakes and rivers connects the dreamy little villages of Kerala. Explore the backwaters on a houseboat from Kumarakom and visit Alleppey, also known as the "Venice of the East".

7. Kodanad Elephant Camp

At Kodanad Elephant Camp in Kochi, you can go on a safari on one of the pachyderms' backs. The colorful port city also offers numerous impressive temples, churches and synagogues.

8. Rock Fort Temple

Climb the 432 steps of the Rock Fort Temple in Trichy - the view will leave you speechless! Be sure to visit the imposing temple city of Sri Rangam, the religious center of Hinduism.

9. Mamallapuram

Relaxation and culture can be combined in Mamallapuram like hardly any other Indian city. Visit the impressive temple complexes, which are part of the UNESCO cultural heritage, and then watch the sunset on the beach.

10. Devaraja Market in Mysore

The huge selection of spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables transforms the Devaraja Market in Mysore into a wonderfully bright sea of ​​colors. There is a panoramic view of the city from Chamundi Hill.

India attractions: Central and West Indies

1. Goa

Relax on your individual trip to the West Indies: The legendary beaches of Goa are not the only highlight of the city. In addition to Hindu temples, you will find magnificent church buildings that are reminiscent of the city's Portuguese past.

2. Tiger Safari in Tadoba National Park

On a tiger safari in Tadoba National Park you will see wild cats, flying squirrels, sambar deer, nigai antelopes and many other animals. Depending on the route, the Panna Tiger Reserve or the Pench National Park are also ideal to experience the majestic big cats.

3. Rann from Kachchh

The salt desert Rann von Kachchh is a wide, barren landscape - perfect for everyone who wants to explore India individually and off the beaten track. In the small villages of the remote region, traditional customs have been preserved to this day, in winter thousands of flamingos and pelicans populate this surreally beautiful area.

4. Pune Old Town

The old town (Pesha) of Pune enchants travelers with narrow streets, charming wooden townhouses and the lively Mahatma Phule market.

5. Bollywood city of Mumbai

Experience the lively and lively metropolis with all its facets on a tour through the Bollywood capital Mumbai.

6. Ajanta and Ellora caves.

From Aurangabad you can go to the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. The spectacular rock temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, impressive wall paintings show scenes from the life of Buddha and the history of India.

7. The mosques of Bhopal

The mosques of Bhopal are among the most magnificent in the world: the Jama Masjid mosque is the largest in Asia, while the Taj-Ul-Masjid mosque with its imposing pink minarets is considered the "mother of all mosques".

8. Jain National Park

From the city of Gir you can reach the imposing Jain temple on the Shatrunjaya Hills. In the Jain National Park you will mainly see lions

9. Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya

The Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya should not be missed on your private cultural tour in India: Buddha is said to have achieved his enlightenment in this temple complex, built in the 2nd century.

10. Nashi pilgrimage site

The pilgrimage site of Nashi is the scene of the Kumbh Mela, the largest religious festival in the world, every twelve years. The spiritual city is home to a multitude of temples and forts that are well worth seeing.

India landmarks: east

1. City of Temples Bhubaneshwar

In the city of temples Bhubaneshwar there are hundreds of ancient Hindu temples that were built between the 7th and 15th centuries.

2. Darjeeling tea plantations

Visit the tea plantations of Darjeeling and learn all about the cultivation and production of one of the best types of tea in the world.

3. Gangtok monastery town

The monastery town of Gangtok is home to some of the most important Buddhist monasteries such as Rumtek Monastery and Labrang Monastery.

4. Elephant safari in the Corbett National Park

On an elephant safari in the Corbett National Park, the oldest game reserve in India, you can observe the majestic pachyderms, marsh crocodiles and numerous species of birds.

5. Colorful Kalimpong

In the picturesque Himalayan town of Kalimpong, colorful flower gardens, lush green tea plantations and a fantastic mountain panorama await you.

6. Colonial Calcutta

The lively colonial city of Calcutta was once the heart of the British Empire. Impressive palaces and villas, extensive parks and of course the famous Victoria Memorial bear witness to this.

7. Boat trip in the Ganges Delta

Experience lush green mangrove forests and the only region where Indian tigers still live in the wild on a boat trip through the Ganges Delta in Sunderban.

8. Trekking in Yungsom

Picturesque Yungsom is a hiker's paradise. From here you can visit the untouched mountains and the mystical Dubdi monastery.

9. Kaziringa National Park

Catch a glimpse of Ganges dolphins on a boat trip in Kaziranga National Park. The reserve is also home to tigers, leopards, rhinos and elephants.

10. Puri pilgrimage site

In the pilgrimage town of Puri, watch the hustle and bustle around the Jagannath Temple or visit the Atharnala Bridge, an example of Indian engineering from the 13th century.

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