Can you challenge your mother

Challenges in Motherhood

Motherhood means experiencing the greatest possible love and facing life's greatest challenges in the same breath. No matter what life plan a mother follows today, she is always confronted with moments that challenge her. How do we deal with these moments? Mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, career woman - one thing is expected of us mothers in our society: We should get everything under one roof - always with a satisfied smile on our face, of course Wanting to and should remain human is seen reluctantly. So the greatest gift of our life in the same breath is probably the greatest challenge for us, because parenting can also mean the following:

• physical external control

• Self-doubt

• Lack of sleep

• Value crises

• Changes in the love relationship

These are just some of the issues that we as women and mothers can deal with. And yes, these challenges can make us feel uncomfortable. Just as we feel the deepest love, of whose existence we had no idea, we also experience despair, anger and insecurity.

And that's exactly how it should be. Mothers stay human and they experience their personal crises as often as non-mothers do. Nevertheless, in motherhood, despite crises and despair, we represent a leading figure: a leading figure for our children. Our children are guided by how their closest caregivers lead their lives and are shaped by these impressions.

So how do I react as a mother when I feel that everything is getting too much for me? Whether parents, grandparents or educational specialists - it is usually the goal of all of us to pave the loving path for our children to a strong and happy future.

Still, there are a multitude of events and circumstances in life that don't feel good. We love our children more than anything and would like to save them from bad experiences. Unfortunately that is not always in our power. Negative experiences and associated feelings such as sadness and anger are just as much a part of life as the beautiful sides.

But what if we were able to specifically strengthen our children for these moments and phases in life? How about if we had the chance to show our children how we can deal with the challenges of life in an opportunity- and solution-oriented way? The findings from resilience research help us to do just that. And our motherhood offers a wonderful space to implement these insights.

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