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Wilsberg - out of the blue

Crime series

Private detective Wilsberg is supposed to help the owner of a tailor shop who feels harassed by her landlord. Shortly afterwards, a business neighbor is murdered in front of her eyes. Wilsberg's client, Tahmina Ahmadi, is part of a shopkeeping community that included music dealer Jazek Antonov as well as the victim, model maker Tillmann Drösser. Is landlord overwood trying to get rid of them in order to sell the stores at a higher price? The trail leads Wilsberg not only to the inscrutable real estate agent Rebekka Heise, but also far back into the past of the three shopkeepers. Can Niels Schiffer, the helpful helper of the shop community, do something to clear up the case? In the meantime, Ekki made a new acquaintance through a blind date app. Euphoric, he looks forward to the first personal meeting with the woman who only calls herself "Kuschelkitty 17" in the app. However, the meeting is very different than expected. Overbeck chases the people behind an illegal drug app. He not only strains the resources of the police, but also the nerves of his boss Anna Springer, who is not very amused by his unauthorized solo effort.