How long is the spring break in college

Academic year in the USA

Similar to the range of courses and the tuition fees, no uniform regulationregarding the organization of the academic year in the USA.

In general, it can be said that an academic year in the USA is usually about nine or ten months extends. The academic year starts in autumn (August / September) and ends in late spring (May / June)

Semester breaks in the USA

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For many students, a highlight of the academic year in the USA is the two-week vacation in March, known as "Spring Break".

During the lecture-free period in the summer months, the so-called Summer break, Summer Sessions take place at many universities in the USA. Many students also use this time to catch up on failed courses.

In addition to the semester break in the summer, the academic year in the USA includes holidays of up to four weeks around the turn of the year. There are also two other short breaks in the academic year: in March on the occasion of the Spring break and end of November due to Thanksgiving.

Division of the academic year in the USA

There are different models for dividing the academic year in the United States. The universities are mostly based either on the semester or trimester system.

Semester system USA

The most common variant is the semester system. As in Germany, the academic year will be in two semesters of 16-18 weeks each divided: the Spring semester and the Fall semester.

caseAugust - December
JumpJanuary - May
(Buzzer)May - August

Trimester system USA

In contrast, the trimester system has prevailed at some universities in the USA. The academic year therefore divided into three parts:

caseSeptember - December
winterJanuary - March
JumpMarch - June
(Buzzer)June August

The Summer Term is not officially part of the academic year in the USA, as it falls during the lecture-free period. Due to the fact that many universities still have summer sessions during this time, some universities speak of four quarters (Quarters). However, it is actually three trimesters.