Which hybrid smartwatch has the most features

Improved functionality for Hybrid HR Smartwatches from Fossil

A few days ago, the supposed sixth generation of Fossil smartwatches was leaked. It is not yet known when this will be released. Specifically, however, is an update for the current Smartwatches of the Hybrid HR model series. These have got two new functions that are of particular interest to athletes. In order to benefit from this, the update must first be installed.

With the new "Connect Challenge" feature, fitness challenges can be taken against friends or in a group and mastered. There are different challenges here that are intended to encourage smartwatch wearers to be more active. In "Be first to finish", the winner is the one who takes the most steps in a given period. And in "The Tortoise and the Hare" you have to be the first to reach a given challenge goal within 72 hours.

The second improvement concerns the recording of routes during outdoor sports such as hiking, jogging or cycling. These can now be viewed in the app for the smartwatch under "Recorded activities". However, since the Hybrid HR is not equipped with its own GPS, GPS must be activated on the connected smartphone and this must remain permanently within range.

The Fossil Hybrid HR Smartwatches are available for women and men e.g. B. at Amazon from around 200 euros. The clocks combine a classic movement with a display. They therefore look like classic watches, but offer many of the functions of smartwatches. This includes notifications, emails,
Activity tracking, heart rate measurement, payment via NFC and much more. Thanks to the special combination, the hybrid smartwatch offers a longer battery life than many pure smartwatches.

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