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Vocational training grant application - calculation and tips

The vocational training grant application is often one of the first steps in adult life.

The fact that tax-exempt employees have to see how they manage their money, especially at the beginning of their training, is nothing new. Everyone is also talking about training as a tax clerk as underpaid.

But the vocational training allowance (or BAB for short) can be of great help if you apply for it correctly and if you know how much money you are entitled to.

Vocational training grant application

This article gives you instructions on how to calculate your needs and when to apply for the vocational training allowance (BAB).

The important things first:

Vocational training allowance (BAB) is - just like BAFöG and many other subsidies - dependent on parents.

This means that the first considerations before applying for a vocational training grant should be:

  • Is it unreasonable to live with parents and drive to the training place?
  • My parents earn so muchthat they can meet their maintenance obligations?

Own flat: If accommodation outside the parental home is necessary, the parents' income, which exceeds an amount of EUR 2,322.00, will be added to your income by 50%.

With the parents: If accommodation in your parents 'house is reasonable, 50% of the difference in your parents' income will be offset against EUR 1,715.00.

It is important to note that what is important in the vocational training grant application your parents earned two years ago, not what they earn at the start of their training!

Your basic needs

Deserve your parents little enough, so you can calculate your basic needs quite easily.

The basic requirement is namely

  • 538.00 EUR (basic requirement + rental flat rate)
  • Rent surcharge,
  • Workwear,
  • Travel expenses to and from work and
  • one family trip home a month.

Rent surcharge: If the rent you pay is more than EUR 149.00, you will receive a EUR 84.00 rent surcharge added to the basic requirement.

Workwear:If you have to buy and / or maintain your work clothes yourself, you can also adapt this to your basic needs.

Sample calculation of basic needs for vocational training grant application

An example calculation to understand:

372.00 EUR basic requirement

166.00 EUR rental fee (the rent costs 450 € warm)

84.00 EUR rent surcharge

0.00 EUR work clothes

45.40 EUR monthly ticket (Tip: cheaper with an annual subscription)

46.00 EUR family trip home (e.g. two Lower Saxony tickets)

713.40 EUR total basic requirements

qualifying income

Not only the income of your parents, but also your training allowance, any additional income or pensions that you receive are counted towards your creditable income.

If you receive child benefit:

Child benefit is in no way part of your income, even if it is paid to your account!

The exempt amount of your training allowance can be seen as a kind of pocket money, which you can always freely dispose of and which has no effect on the amount of your training allowance. You can keep 62.00 EUR - no matter how much you earn.

The average net salary of the first 18 months of training, minus an allowance of EUR 62.00, is counted as income!

Assuming that you earn EUR 550.00 gross in the first 12 months of your training and EUR 600.00 gross in the second year of your apprenticeship - your average gross salary for the first 18 months is EUR 566.66.

The net amount must now be calculated from this.

In the case of a legally insured, unmarried trainee under the age of 23 and without children, this would result in an average net salary of EUR 449.83 (in 2017).

Of this average net salary for the first 18 months of training, EUR 387.83 is offset against the vocational training allowance.

Pension: Furthermore, your pension, orphan's pension or similar must be taken into account as soon as you receive more than € 130.00 pension per month.

Part-time job: Additional income from a part-time job (tutoring, waiters, part-time job in the textile discount) or passive income (e.g. advertising income from a website, royalties from book sales, etc.), which is more than EUR 290.00 per month, must also be taken into account.

If you earn an additional income from self-employment, the assessment basis is the income tax assessment from two years ago!

Vocational training grant application 2017 - tax assessment from 2015

In the end, your creditable income is calculated from the creditable income of the parents, the creditable additional income, the creditable training allowance and the creditable pensions.

Sample calculation of creditable income

467.98 EUR training allowance (net)

EUR 62 exemption for training allowance

405.98 EUR attributable income (467.98 EUR - 62.00 EUR)

EUR 0.00 orphan's pension

EUR 130 orphan's pension exemption

EUR 0.00 offsetting orphan's pension

EUR 1,708.00 parent's income

EUR 2,322 tax exemption for parents' income

0.00 EUR Creditable income of parents

24.00 EUR part-time job (or passive income)

290 EUR allowance for part-time job

0 EUR attributable additional income

Total: EUR 405.98 attributable income

At the end, the creditable income and the basic needs are offset and you will find out how much BAB entitlement you have.

Time for the vocational training grant application

The vocational training allowance should be applied for two and a half to three months before the start of training in order to have the money in the account on time!

So the BAB should be applied for in early or mid-May if you want to receive it by August 1st.

Did this article help you? Do you receive or have you received vocational training allowance? Did you have difficulties applying?

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