When will the next generation graphics from NVIDIA arrive?

RTX 4000: First indications of the next generation of graphics cards from Nvidia

The currently strongest graphics cards are hardly available on the free market, but the first rumors of a new generation of hardware from Nvidia are already emerging.

Well-known leaker fuels rumors

The well-known Twitter leaker kopite7kimi had already accurately predicted the latest specifications of Nvidia's current amp architecture in mid-2019. Now he's trying again. On December 10th, he posted a picture of Ada Lovelace. The British woman who lived from December 10, 1815 to November 27, 1852, is considered to be the first woman programmer in human history. This is relevant because Nvidia names its own graphics card architectures after well-known mathematicians.

On December 28th, kopite7kimi again made people sit up and take notice with a tweet. The specification 12 * 6 is therefore to be understood as GPC * TPC, i.e. raster engines (GPC) times texture processing cluster (TPC). The GA102 chip, which is built into the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080, is based on a 7 * 6 structure. If the numbers are actually true, the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards will see a large increase in core numbers and theoretical computing power.

But a short time after the tweet was published, criticism spread in the comments. Because there is already a scaling problem with the Nvidia graphics cards. If this could be fixed, the current Ampere architecture graphics cards would increase the performance by 50 percent.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the rumors about the latest architecture will come true. The cards would certainly not appear before 2022. The 3DCenter website nevertheless created a graphic that illustrates the difference in performance between the different generations. (fpz, December 30, 2020)