What is the diamond shape used for?

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With the boom in the short message service, the diamond has become a hashtag - for bundling and searching for terms in social networks.

Not only with the successful IPO of the short message service Twitter last week has become indispensable in the context of social networks: We are talking about the hash symbol #.

The sign, also known as the double cross, was of course also present before the boom in the twitter service. While the # symbol in this country tended to eke out a shadowy existence, it was particularly successful in the English-speaking world - for example as a prefixed indicator for numbers:

Source: 20px / mashable

The hashtag in its current meaning was born on August 23, 2007: A little more than a year after the start of Twitter, Internet activist Chris Messina suggested in a tweet: “How do you feel about using # (pound) for groups . As in #barcamp [msg]? "

From that point on, the success story of the hashtag for easier linking and finding search terms on Twitter was as steep as that of the short message service itself.

The American provider of social marketing software Offerpop has compiled the most important stages in an infographic. The hashtag has become so successful over the years - and for a long time an important unique selling point of Twitter - that, for example, the world's largest social network Facebook simply copied the function in mid-2013 and built it into its own search.

Click twice on the infographic to enlarge it:

Source: Offerpop / t3n

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