What are the features of Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 basic seminars and training courses under Windows

Contents of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 basic seminars, training courses and courses (W7)
(Two days)

  • introduction
    Online production - Terminology - Techniques for creating and publishing online content - How HTML works - Features of Dreamweaver - Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 desktop - Control panels - Property inspector - Toolbars - Insert bar - Document window (window size, tag selector, ruler and grid) - Code and design view

  • Set up a website
    Planning, conception of a website - folder, file and site (structure, layout, links) - creation of a local site - creation of a site map - structure of the site administration - working with the FTP client - local & remote window - publication on the web - administration and Maintenance of existing websites

  • Create pages
    General templates - Basic operations (save, undo, history) - Define page properties (title, colors and background image) - Preview in the browser

  • text
    Insert and import - Formatting with HTML - Character formatting - Paragraph formatting - Numbering and enumeration - Visual and structural tags - Spell check - Text formatting - Font size, font, font color, colors for text and references - Paragraph types and text design, headings, paragraphs of text, line break control, lists - Multi-column Text flow

  • Graphic objects
    Graphics in HTML, embed graphics, width and height of graphics, label graphics, text and graphics in a paragraph, graphics as references, color for background, background images - image formats in the web - JPEG, GIF, PNG - animations - SWF and MPEG - integration of Alternative text - Rollover images - Colors in the web - Rollover, preloading - Generation of rollover images with Dreamweaver CS6 - Browser compatibility and browser switch - Optimization of loading times

  • Hyperlinks
    Hyperlink objects (text, Flash buttons, graphics, image maps) - Relative and absolute hyperlinks - Hyperlinks within the site (relative) - Hyperlinks within a page with anchors - Hyperlinks to the web (absolute) - Email hyperlinks - Link files for download - Links check - hyperlink management

  • Tables
    Create, edit, format tables - structure, size of a table, frame thickness, grid lines, margin spacing, align cell contents, connect cells, colored tables

  • Layout with frames
    How frames work - Creating frames - Creating a frameset - The Frame Inspector - Frame and frameset properties - Control via hyperlinks - Advantages and disadvantages of frames - Define frame sets and frames, frame properties, embedded frames, references for frames