Why do cats sleep under the covers

Cat lovers know it all too well, so we want to turn around, but the ball of fur at the end of the bed has made itself really comfortable on the duvet and is sleeping in peace. Others wake up because the house tiger has secretly snuck under the covers and is now making their feet glow. We asked ourselves why cats like to sleep with us in bed so much.

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That's why cats love to sleep in bed with us

We are a source of heat

In general, cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours - some late risers even up to 20 hours. Many house cats spend 6 to 8 hours with us in bed. But what motivates the velvet paws to sleep with us? On the one hand, most cats adapt to our day and night rhythm and go to bed with us, or follow us inconspicuously when we are already asleep. On the other hand, cats love to be warm and cozy. While we sleep, we are the ideal source of heat for our house tiger. We have a comfortable body temperature and lie there very quietly.

We offer a feel-good zone

Cats can only sleep peacefully and restfully if they feel safe and comfortable. If the cat lies in bed with us and doesn't let anything disturb it, we can assume that our house tiger can relax completely with us and trust us 100 percent. In addition to trust, it certainly also includes a large portion of love. After all, our cat could look for a safe hiding place in the house that is not in bed with us. If the cat sleeps with us, we can assume that it simply enjoys being with us and loves us.

For these reasons, we should allow our cat to sleep in bed with us more often

It also has some advantages for us if we share the sleeping space with our velvet paw. After all, they ensure calm and inner relaxation. Their purring can have a particularly calming and healing effect on us, while their pleasant body temperature also helps us find our way to sleep. Of course, the bond between us and our cat is strengthened even more when it falls asleep next to us.

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