Which mustard seed produces more oil?

Synonyms in a broader sense

Latin name: Brassica nigra

Common names: Garden mustard, mustard

Family: Cruciferous plants

Plant description

When grown in crops, the plant grows up to one meter high. The stem is hairy below, branched above. The yellow flowers sit in loose umbels. It takes a long time to form Pods, Which dark brown, spherical seeds contain.

Heyday: June and July

Occurrence: Bred in cultures with us.

Parts of plants used medicinally

The seeds and the essential oil obtained from them.


Sinigrin (from which allyl mustard oil is made), fatty oil, protein and mucus

Effect and application

Mustard seeds are used wherever you can get a better one Blood circulation in the skin want to evoke. At lung infection, feverier bronchitis, pleurisyor rheumatic complaints A compress or poultice with crushed mustard seeds will bring relief to the affected areas.

The pure essential oil from mustard seeds cannot be used because of its strong irritant effect. It can only be used as an liniment when diluted with alcohol (Spiritus sinapis).


Mustard envelope: 100 g of ground mustard seeds are mixed with lukewarm water to make one thick porridge, rubs it on a cloth and places it on the area to be treated (enclosed in Pneumonia for example on the chest) and leaves 5 to 10 minutes act (shorter in children). Then wash off the area.

Side effects

Mustard wrap mustn't stay hungry for too long to get strong Skin irritation to avoid. The treated area must be treated immediately after removing the wrap washed become. Injections with alcohol sinapis are weak to dose, Internal use of mustard oil must be avoided.

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