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Find the right online police station (police portal) for your online criminal complaint quickly.

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If you think a criminal complaint is the right solution to enforce your interests, you can file it now at an online police station in your state.
If possible, sleep over the matter for at least one night and discuss it with your family and close friends before filing an online criminal complaint.

Notes and complaints

Here you can find further registration offices,
where you can report evidence of possible offenses

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Reporting offices, legal issues and alternatives

Give the police a clue ...

For the police, information from the population is often very important. If you have made observations that could be of importance to the police, you can report them as follows:

Via the online form (the page opens in a new window)

or via the following number:0800 6 888 000

Our advice:

  • By reporting an observation, you are not posting a report. You just give the police a lead.
  • If you deliberately provide false information, you will make yourself liable to prosecution!