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The best free designer apps - Android and IOS


Has it ever happened to you that you got a brilliant idea all at once, even though you had spent days trying to find a solution? And maybe at that moment you have no way of writing the idea down. The idea then disappeared, as well as the inspiration.

If you've had that experience, you'll know what we mean. If you haven't already, believe us, you don't want to know.

So that you do not experience such situations, we suggest that you always have something with you where you can write down the ideas.

Perhaps the most effective solution would be some of the mobile apps for Android or iOS, depending on the platform used.

When you're involved in design, illustration, animation, 3D modeling, photography, or other creative work, any inspiring idea or creative solution is invaluable. So write them down carefully when they come up. And keep working on it until the final solution.

Indeed, mobile applications can be of great use.

Depending on your interests and professional needs, choose one of the free apps for Android or iOS from the list below.

Start creating no matter where you are.

Android and iOS apps for secretive people


  • Operational system: Android i iOS

Image source: Google Play

For SketchBook many say it's probably the best designer mobile app out there. SketchBook enables the creation of a complete visual solution and the implementation of ideas with the help of very simple, efficient and innovative tools.

The application came from a creative study by Autodesk, a company that works for AutoCAD-Software and special software solutions for 3D modeling is known. In this company, as the official description of the application says, they believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express their idea with a sketch or to get the final solution out of the original concept with the help of fast and powerful software. That's why they have SketchBook and made it available free of charge.

Although they already have the SketchBook Pro-Developed application for tablet devices, they decided on the version for mobile phones. And they didn't make a mistake.

As part of the simple and intuitive user interface, there are up to 170 different types of pens, markers and brushes, full support for layers in PSD format, and a smart option to detect uneven, hand-drawn lines, automatically converting them into straight and precise shapes rewrite. A digital pencil drawing is also available, making it even easier to use and increasing the ability to create high quality sketches, illustrations and drawings while you move.

Infinite design

  • Operating system: Android

Image source: Google Play

Infinite design is an application for working with vector graphics in SVG format. It offers the possibility of an endless workspace with options to expand, zoom and rotate, as well as countless levels and unlimited editing of the production flow of the solution, which allows through additional scrolling through the history and endless number of options to cancel a particular step or to return to it willundo / redo).

The application maker is programmer Sean Brakefield who did a very good job. There are a number of tools for translating, scaling, rotating, drilling, twisting, bending, and correcting elements, as well as automatic form recognition options and a variety of commands that have keyboard shortcuts. As a special curiosity of this application, it is possible to create 3D images with five different tools.

Adobe illustrator draw

  • Operational system: Android and iOS

Image source: Google Play

Anyone familiar with working in the Adobe Illustrator program will be familiar with Adobe Illustrator Drawto be very successful as it contains all the known and popular tools. If you want to create vector drawings on your mobile device, this is the application for you.

A large number of layers, as well as interchangeable pens and brushes, connection options and access to high-resolution photos make this application a really useful tool for everyday work. The synchronization with the desktop version of Adobe Illustrator and the integration of all desktop applications for users the Creative Cloud (Adobe CC).

This application is free but with a subscription to the Adobe CCService, even more options are available, including the ability to publish the works directly on the Behance designer network.


Image source: Apple App Store

For those who don't want to pay an additional fee to Behance, and users are iOS platforms, there is also a standalone mobile application Behancethat was created by this company.

The possibilities offered by active membership in this network, e.g. B. the presence of designers in the online community are also present in the application. This includes finding millions of projects, connecting with other designers, overseeing the work of influential industry colleagues, setting up your own profile and getting opinions on their work, and tracking all of the activities and engagements of people in the creative industry around the world.


Image source: Apple App Store

Assembly is an application that allows users to easily create vector graphics. You don't have to be an expert and create your own vectors, you can choose from the 180 existing forms in a digital library. You can fit them on a black background or set an image that you want to work on.

With the help of this application, you can quickly and easily create a solution while you are on the go as this is the basic purpose. The user interface is therefore simplified, but designed to intuitively monitor the designer's work and help him be as productive as possible.


  • Operating system: Android

Image source: Google Play

Using ArtFlow feel like you are really painting on a canvas and that is high resolution as it supports up to 4096 x 4096 pixels. The impression is enhanced by the fact that digital pens can be used to draw. And one more thing, a function called palm rejection will recognize when you are resting your arm and not viewing it as an activity, reducing the possibility of error.

However, the free version of the application is not the only one, but it is possible to complement the upgrade for professionals. However, we believe that there are enough 20 tools available for basic use. The downside is that an unpaid version is limited to using just three shifts and undoing steps you've already taken up to six times backwards. The professional version again offers 80 different brushes and other tools, unlimited return through the stages, 32 layers with 11 different modules and much more.

Pantone studio

Image source: Apple App Store

This is Panton's official application that can be of great use to designers when they need information on a specific shade. Pantone studio offers a collection of 13,000 colors or any Panton hue. For example, colors can be used to blend pre-existing nuances into a photo, or you can create a unique palette to be used later for a specific design solution. Therefore, it is also very useful to synchronize applications with computer programs as desired. The application is free, but there is also the option to update and open multiple options with a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription.

Paper by fiftythree

Image source: Apple App Store

Notes, sketch, draft, diagram, color - whatever you need at the time of inspiration. More than 25 million people have found their creative space and consider it one of the best iOS applications for developers. This information is not surprising given the experience.

The navigation based on fast movements makes the operation easier and makes it natural, without disturbing the page in the form of the navigation. The auto-correction ensures that rough lines of drawings are rounded more clearly, that drawings and diagrams can be designed more efficiently and existing templates can be entered for faster structuring of ideas.

High quality drawing tools are available and you can copy, cut, move and arrange elements within the application without having to switch from one module to another. Pages, sketches, diagrams and notes can be grouped, linked and commented on as required. If you miss something, there is only one gesture that the app recognizes that you want to undo and delete it.


Image source: Apple App Store

James Moore is a developer who noticed the lack of basic image editing programs on iPhone phones, i.e. the inability to change colors and gradients in the images. That's why he has it Geló Application designed.

When the desired photo is selected, there are a number of so-called Gels or filters with specific colors and gradients. Numerous interchangeable options are available for each of them. Precisely because of such a control over the final appearance of the photo is Geló rated as one of the most practical applications in the field of photo editing on mobile devices.


  • Operational system: Android i iOS

Image source: Google Play

Canva is a tool for creating catalogs, invitations, business cards, online magazines, posters and more, as well as creating graphic ads on social networks. That is why it is also very popular with those who are into digital marketing. Canva offers unmatched ways to express creativity, even if you may not be a professional person.

This application is intended for anyone who has no technical knowledge of graphic design and is not interested in professional programs. Using the application is very easy and efficient with the help of the existing templates and solutions, which can be changed in any way or supplemented by some of the many photos, shapes or symbols.

Canva was for years an online tool only available on desktop computers and then created as a mobile application. Until recently, it was only available for the iOS operating system. However, now Android users can also come up with inspiring visual solutions on many occasions.

We hope that with this list we have introduced you to the useful software solutions that are available for portable devices. Are you already using any of these apps, are you satisfied? Write to us in the comments below the text or on our website in the social network Facebook.

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