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Bengaluru - important information for tourists and travelers 2021

Bangalore [ˈbæŋɡəlɔːr] or Bengaluru (official name since 2014; Kannada: ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು Beṅgaḷūru [ˈbeŋɡəɭuːru]) is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka in the southwest of the subcontinent.
With 11.4 million inhabitants (2018) it is the third largest city in India after Mumbai and Delhi. Bangalore is also the administrative seat of the Bengaluru Urban and Bengaluru Rural districts. Bangalore is a center of India's civil and military aerospace industry and research. More recently, it has also developed into one of the most important IT centers in the country. Because of the numerous parks, Bangalore is often referred to as the "garden city".

Information about traveling to Bengaluru. What do I need to know about a trip to Bengaluru?

Bangalore, now officially known as Bengaluru (Kannada: ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು), is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka.

What's the best way to explore India? How to plan a trip to India

By train: There are two links from Pakistan. The Samjhauta Express runs from Lahore to Attari near Amritsar in the Punjab. The Thar-Express, which was put back into operation in February 2006 after 40 years of inactivity, runs from Munabao in the Indian state of Rajasthan to Khokrapar in the Pakist ... Read more »

Are you planning a trip to India? Here is how to find out how to move around India.

India is big and there are many interesting ways to get around the country, most of which cannot be described as efficient or on time very well. Plan a considerable amount of time for every trip with a fixed date (e.g. your return flight) and try S ... Read more »

What can you buy in India? What souvenirs can you buy in India?

Shopping: In India you are expected to negotiate the price with street vendors but not in department stores and the like. If you don't, you risk overpaying many times, which can be fine if you think it's cheaper than at home. In most large cities ... Read more »

What can you eat in India? Where can I eat and drink in India?

Indian cuisine takes its place among the great kitchens in the world. There is a good chance that you would have tasted "Indian food" in your country, especially if you are a traveler from the west, but what India has exported abroad is only part of its exceptional ... Read more »

What is the most typical drink in India? Traditional drinks India. Can you drink in public areas in India?

One of the sweetest and safest drinks one can get is tender coconut water (naryal paani). You can almost always find it on any beach or other tourist destination in the south. In the summer (Mar-Jul) you can find fresh sugar cane juice and even many fresh fruit sa… Read more »

Is It Safe to Visit India in 2021? Is India Safe To Visit Now?

In general, India is reasonably safe for foreigners, save for the petty crime and theft which occurs in any developing country, as long as certain basic precautions and common sense are followed (i.e. female travelers should be careful ... Read more »

Etiquette, social customs, traditions and habits in India.

Sensitive Issues: Pakistan is a sensitive issue on which many Indians may have strong views. Be careful when discussing the subject and better avoid mentioning it, especially in Jammu and Kashmir. It's okay to find out about your visit to Pakistan, the people,… Read more »

What is the main language spoken in India? Do people speak English in India?

India has two official languages ​​at the federal level, namely Hindi and English.
Other languages ​​that are official to some extent (often at the state level) are Assami, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri (also known as Meitei… Read more »

Is It Safe to Visit India in 2021? Is India Safe To Visit Now?

In general, India is reasonably safe for foreigners, save for the petty crime and theft which occurs in any developing country, as long as certain basic precautions and common sense are followed (i.e. female travelers should be careful ... Read more »

How do I stay healthy in India? Do I have to get vaccinated before I travel to India?

When you go to India you have to adapt to a new climate and new foods. However, taking precautionary measures can minimize the likelihood and severity of disease. Do not try too hard at the beginning of your trip so that your body gets used to the land ... Read more »

Telephone sets

Telephone: The country code for India is 91. India is divided into area codes known locally as STD codes. You can find the area codes in the city guides.
In acronym-happy India, a phone booth is known as a PCO (Public Call Office) and they usually provide STD (S… Read more »

Where can I study in India? Is India a Good Place to Study?

There are many things to learn of foreigners all over India, but there are a few travel destinations that have become particularly famous for certain things:
There are many universities that provide education, but at the top are the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) for… Read more »

Working in India. How do I get a job in India?

Foreigners need a work permit to work in India. A work permit is issued when an application is submitted to the local Indian embassy along with proof of potential employment and supporting documents. There are many expatriates working in India… Read more »

What to do in Bengaluru Best to do in Bengaluru?

Movies: Enjoy a movie in one of the countless theaters in town. Some multiplexers:

Cinemax (Bangalore Central, Bellandur).
Cinepolis, Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta Rd; ETA Mall, Binny Pete; Forum Shantiniketan, Whitefield.
Gopalan Cinemas, Arch Mall, Mysore Rd ,. Gopalan… Read more »

What should i see in Bengaluru? Attractions you must see in Bengaluru

There are city tours that can show you around the city efficiently if you are short on time. As a rule, tours do not include entrance fees for the attractions. Bangalore, like the rest of India, has a habit of charging foreigners a lot more attractions than locals.… Read more »

Bengaluru: Numbers and Facts 2021

Adopted: 1537
Postal code: 560 xxx
Population: 8,443,675
Population per km2 / population density per km2: 11,909.27
Total area: 709 km²
Above the sea level: 920.00 m
Mayor: IAS
Time zone: IST
Units of measure: metric system / metric measurements

Travel information

When is the best time to travel to Bengaluru in India
India is a vast country with several different climates, so knowing the weather prediction for when you are going can be difficult. If you plan to visit both the north and the south, you may experience different weather altogether, but generally the best time to visit is in the winter months from October to February. Weather During the winter, the weather is a bit cooler and many normally wet areas of the Northeast dry out and the hotter South India cools down as well. This is the best time to plan a trip to notable locations such as Delhi, Agra, or Varanasi, as well as to visit Goa or other parts of South India. The summer months of March to May in India can be very hot and humid. During this time, you can still have an enjoyable trip, however. Try visiting one of many hill stations to en…
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Travel costs and trends for Bengaluru

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Last minute: 1114 EUR

Standard: 1166 EUR

First minute: 1287 EUR

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Weather reports and trends for Bengaluru

People usually expect nice weather while traveling. So, take a look at the forecast, summer and winter temperatures in Bengaluru


In the winter: -

In summer: 33 C

Air quality and pollution
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Subway and express trains

  • Is there a subway in Bengaluru?

    Question asked by: Ellen Goossens

    There is a subway in Bengaluru. Namma Metro is 42.30 km long. This subway is used by 115.0 million people every year. Namma Metro was built in 2011. The last expansion was carried out in 2017.

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  • Where can I find and download a map of Bengaluru's subway (Namma Metro)?

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    Here you can find and download a detailed map ideal for printing or viewing on mobile:

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Recently updated prices in Bengaluru May 18, 2021:

Internet (60 Mbps or more, unlimited data, cable / ADSL), apples (1kg), cappuccino (regular), gasoline (1 liter), Coca Cola / Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle), water (1.5 Liter bottle), food for 2 people, medium-sized restaurant, three-course, McMeal at McDonalds (or equivalent combo meal), a bottle of wine (middle class), price per square meter of the apartment outside the center,