Who is the strongest ninja in Naruto

Naruto: 20 characters who are stronger than Sasuke

When he first appeared inNarutoIt seemed like Sasuke would soon become one of the most powerful shinobi. For many viewers, Sasuke represented the pinnacle of cool a ninja could aspire to, but for others he was frustratingly overwhelmed and indelible for the duration of the show. Wherever your opinion as a fan may be, one thing is certain: Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most powerful ninja that has ever appeared in the worldNarutoSeries.

Born into a very powerful family, Sasuke began developing his powers after his brother Itachi attacked her clan. He woke his Sharingan fighting his brother, but didn't use it until his fight against Haku on the show's first arc. As he grew, he devoted himself to being strong enough to defeat his siblings so that he could take revenge. Because of this, he has trained non-stop to become an unstoppable force.

Although Sasuke is one of the strongest ninja, there are some that are strong enough to overwhelm him. Sometimes it can be hand-to-hand combat, and sometimes it is because of their particular skills that are specific to their bloodline. In the meantime, Sasuke has played and won against some of these ninja, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's stronger. After all, he defeated Naruto several times, but Naruto made it his mission to outperform Sasuke and he achieved that goal.

That said, there are 20 hereNarutoCharacters stronger than Sasuke.


20 pain

The pain was a mystery at first, but the more fans knew about it, the more interested they became in the character. He's a complex villain whose power seemed to grow bigger and bigger as fans were introduced to his backstory. His skills and knowledge of ninjutsu techniques could match or even exceed Sasuke's own abilities.

What makes Pain more powerful than others is its abundance of constant chakras, which it has thanks to its connection to the Uzumaki clan. This, in addition to his Rinnegan, would allow him to use more taxation techniques than Sasuke was likely to be able to do. In a fight against Sasuke, the pain could definitely come to the fore simply because of the supply of chakras it holds.

19 Senju


Senju is one of the few characters who controlled the eight-tailed beasts that roamed their world. He founded Konoha and united different clans. Senju is often referred to as the "god Shinobi". He's one of the best who ever lived. Even Madara Uchiha, his rival, admitted that despite Madara's strength, Senju was still stronger than him.

Senju is clearly a shinobi who is more powerful than Sasuke. The only question is, how exactly is he stronger than Sasuke? Well, his talent in transformation techniques and bukijutsu definitely surpasses Sasuke. Senju was so good at these two techniques that he used them to control tailed birds. Sasuke is a strong fighter, but he doesn't suit Senju at this level.

18 minato

The fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, was considered to be the best shinobi who ever lived. He lived a short but important life saving his village from destruction from the Nine-Tailed Fox by imprisoning it in his son Naruto. He even surpassed Orochimaru, Sasuke's teacher, in his strengths and abilities.

His speed is unique and it is this that allows his space-time ninjutsu to be so powerful. While Sasuke can use the same ninjutsu, he hasn't mastered it as well as Minato. His speed, coupled with his self-sustaining Rasengan, would definitely allow him to conquer higher ground if they were ever to tip toe in a fight.

17 Neji

Neji Hyuga was a popular character who became one of the most influential members of his clan before his untimely death. The Byakugan was a powerful tool that he used with an expertise that any fan would appreciate. His gentle fistfighting style was impressive and he had an almost impenetrable defense.

In that regard, Neji is clearly stronger than Sasuke in some ways. Neji, for example, has a defense that not many can boast of. In addition, he was the best student of his year at the academy and is arguably smarter than Sasuke. These powers alone might not be enough to knock Sasuke down, but overall, Neji could definitely win against Sasuke.

16 Jiraiya

It's no surprise a legendary sannin would land on this list. Jiraiya may seem stupid at first, but most Akatsuki members knew that if they challenged Jiraiya to a one-on-one fight, they would lose, including Sasuke's older brother, Itachi.

Jiraiya is a master of chakra control, a skill that he later passed on to Naruto. He's so skilled at it that he can do two Rasengan at the same time. That alone would be enough to get to the top in the fight against Sasuke. He's been the victim of Naruto's Rasengan on more than one occasion, so Sasuke would definitely have trouble getting past two of them.

15 Itachi


Itachi Uchiha should be the least surprising name on this list. After all, his fight with Sasuke showed that Itachi had the upper hand many times, and if it hadn't been for his illness, he could probably have ended Sasuke. Although Itachi passed away, it's safe to say that Sasuke never really hit him. Even so, some would disagree with the idea that Itachi is flat.

When it comes to genjutsu, Itachi definitely has the upper hand, and that alone is enough to beat Sasuke. His knowledge of the Sharingan also exceeds Sasukes. It's Itachi's skill with genjutsu that Sasuke never seems to fit. In fact, Sasuke seems largely powerless against this during her struggle.

14 Shikamaru

Even the laziest ninja can be strong and Shikamaru Nara proves this time and time again. He doesn't have all of the physical abilities of a great shinobi, but Shikamaru is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with from time to time. While Shikamaru does not have the special skills required to bring Sasuke down, it is his mind that gives him the upper hand.

Sasuke's intelligence surpasses many ninja, but not Shikamaru. Shikamaru received chunin status not because of his powers, but because of his tactical mind. His strategic mind allows him to think in ways his opponents don't, which would allow him to hit the ground in the fight against Sasuke.

13 killer bee

Killer Bee or B is one of the most underrated characters in the series. Many admit he's powerful, but he's often forgotten when fans name their favorite shinobi. What makes B so impressive is that he is what people think is a perfect jinchuuriki, which means he is in control of his animal. That kind of power shouldn't be underestimated.

An animal with a tail already has strength, but Killer Bee can also control the animal with eight tails. This ability to manage the Eight Tails gives Killer Bee unparalleled endurance. He also has an abundance of chakras, amazing speed, and remarkable kenjutsu skills. These traits make him a ninja worth defying Sasuke.

12 guy

Fans might be surprised to see Guy on this list, but he deserves a spot here because he knows how to effectively fight the Sharingan. Both Madara and Itachi Uchiha have mentioned that Might Guy shouldn't be underestimated. Madara has even admitted that Guy was one of his most exciting opponents.

Guy might look weird, but on closer inspection, Guy is clearly a legendary shinobi worth mentioning. His Taijutsu skills are perhaps the greatest of any Konoha ninja, and his Eight Gates technique is second to none. Given that Madara Uchiha had problems with Guy, we can bet that Sasuke will definitely have a tough time beating him.

11 tsunade


Tsunade is a character who just got better over time. Her power slowly reveals itself during her time as a Hokage, and with each exposure it just seems to get stronger. She is the most powerful of the three students of the Third Hokage and that says something.

You and Sasuke are on the same level when it comes to ninjutsu. However, tsunade is probably the greatest medicine of all time. Some may not consider this a strength in a fight against another ninja, however, it is her creation rebirth technique that makes her a strong opponent. Thanks to this technique, she can instantly heal any wound she receives. This, along with her immense strength, makes her a formidable opponent.

10 Madara

Madara Uchiha is the leader of the Uchiha clan and was the first clan to rule the Sharingan. In addition, Madara also sealed the Ten-Tailed Beast within himself, and this offered him a wealth of chakras that not many ninja could attain.

Although Sasuke is an expert when it comes to using his Sharingan, he simply cannot compare to Madara's expertise. Madara has always been known as one of the most dangerous shinobi of his time, so it goes without saying that Sasuke could not hold his own in the fight against him.

9 Gaara

Fans remember the first time they saw the fight between Gaara and Sasuke. Although it didn't last long, it was an all-time classic. Gaara proves throughout the series that he deserves the title of Kage, which he received at a young age. The talent he shows throughout the series always seems to compare his strength to Sasuke’s.

However, one could argue that Gaara has the advantage in at least one area. Gaara has the ultimate defense. His tail-ridden animal allows him to manipulate sand, creating a defense that even Sasuke would have trouble matching. There's a reason Gaara survived the forest of death unscathed. His defensive technique does not seem to be outdone by any Shinobi.

8 obito

Obito is the last Uchiha to appear on this list, and perhaps the most interesting. After all, Obito is a complex character who was trained by Madara at a young age. When urged to show his power, Obito will rise to the challenge.

Obito also sealed the ten-tailed beast's power, just like Madara. Like Madara, he also shows knowledge of the tethered beasts and Sharingan that surpass Sasuke's knowledge. Although Sasuke seems to have surpassed Obito at the end of the series, it could be argued that Sasuke would not survive without Obito. Obito's ability to pull strings with his Sharingan and control his surroundings suggests the possibility he was stronger than Sasuke.

7 Shino


Shino is a strange and creepy character that makes him an unusual and unsettling addition to this list. However, that doesn't mean Shino isn't one of them. In fact, Shino's strong ability as a shinobi flies under the radar throughout the series.

What Shino has for him are his bedbugs. The beetles can devour an opponent's chakra, which means that Shino is a talented master of chakra-absorbing techniques. His ability to position his opponent for his bugs to strike is a skill only trained by his clan. Sasuke can do a lot with his ninjutsu, but when it comes to exhausting an opponent's chakra, nothing in his arsenal compares to Shino's talent.

6 Hinata

Hinata Hyuga's strength is always a little underestimated. By the end of the show, Hinata shows talent both as the owner of the Byakugan and as a medic. Although she was often in the background at the beginning of the show, she has learned to control her powers.

She has the same defensive powers as Neji who rival Sasuke's techniques. Like Neji, she has the ability to discern genjutsu techniques and identify their source. This ability comes from their byakugan and makes it a primary deterrent for the Sharingan genjutsu skills. This talent gives Hinata the edge she would need against Sasuke.

5 kakashi

Kakashi Hatake is the first sensei Sasuke ever had. This distinction is worth noting because Kakashi is one of the reasons Sasuke becomes so powerful so quickly during the Chunin selection exams. Kakashi was a Anbu member and has a Sharingan, and that's just the surface of his talent.

There are many ways that Kakashi could be seen as stronger than Sasuke, but one aspect stands out and that aspect is his leadership. It seems stupid, but the truth is that Kakashi is a strong leader and that makes him a strong shinobi. Sasuke decides to become alienated and that is ultimately one of his greatest weaknesses. When it comes to a fight, Kakashi can lead a group more efficiently than Sasuke, and that makes him a stronger shinobi in many ways.

4 sakura

Sakura Haruno is another shinobi who at first glance looks like she shouldn't be on this list. However, after analyzing her skills and technical abilities, you will find that she stands up to scrutiny. Sakura is similar to Tsunade when it comes to her strengths.

Sakura was trained by the fifth Hokage and became one of the most powerful newcomers to medicine. It might even have outdone Tsunade in this regard. This medicinal talent means that Sakura has an advantage over Sasuke. She puts her intelligence and ability to discover genjutsu above Sasuke, especially since he always fell victim to it relatively easily after the trauma of his older brother.

3 Hagoromo


Not much is known about Hagoromo Otsutsuki, so it's hard to say he's stronger than Sasuke in every way. Given how much he is overwhelmed, it can be assumed that he could beat Sasuke pretty easily in a battle.

Hagoromo is the creator of the Uchiha clan and gave his descendants the Sharingan. He was one of the first people born with chakra, and it was so enormous that he didn't need hand seals to develop powerful techniques. That fact alone means that Sasuke would have way too much trouble fighting this ninja. This enormous wealth of chakras is almost not reached by any other being.

2 Kaguya

Kaguya Otsutsuki ate the chakra fruit, which gave her the opportunity to use chakra. She used this chakra and her talent to create world peace out of fear. No normal shinobi can ever come close to this power.

Sasuke is a profound shinobi with remarkable gifts, but Kaguya is the mother of the chakra. It can't be stronger than the ten-tailed beast itself. Kaguya even has the Byakugan and the Rinne Sharingan, which takes them to a whole other level. People might think Sasuke is one of the most overwhelmingly overwhelming shinobi in the entire series, but that honor actually goes to Kaguya. Kaguya is stronger than Sasuke in every way.

1 Naruto

Was there any doubt that Naruto would be number one on this list? The seventh Hokage is considered to be the greatest shinobi of its time. Throughout the first part of the series, Naruto is always weaker than Sasuke, but this disadvantage is slowly changing throughout its arc. By the end of the series, Naruto has learned many skills and has so much chakra that other ninja are surprised by it.

The two lost an arm while fighting in the Valley of the End. Naruto held back during the fight and refused to actually end Sasuke's life. At the end of the fight, however, Sasuke admitted defeat. This approval proves that Naruto is stronger than Sasuke.

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