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04.11.2016 10:47

Hearing training app from Asklepios for patients with cochlear implants

Mathias Eberenz Corporate Communications / Press Office
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In spring, the Hanseatic Cochlear Implant Center (HCIZ), a joint facility of the ENT departments of the Hamburg Asklepios Clinics, released a CD with listening exercises, which was recorded by the Hamburg actor Bjarne Mädel ("Stromberg", "Tatortreiniger"). Now the audiologists of the ENT team in the Asklepios Klinik Nord - Heidberg (Hamburg) have processed and implemented the exercises in the form of a smartphone application ("app"). The app is available free of charge for Apple users (iOS) and the Android operating system from Google.

“In order to better understand the auditory impressions of their environment and the language of their fellow human beings, hearing-impaired patients with cochlear implants should do targeted listening exercises right from the start. With the aid of the hearing training app, users can train according to their level and familiarize themselves with the new implant, ”explains Dr. Oliver Niclaus, Senior Physician in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at Asklepios Klinik Nord - Heidberg, the advantages of the innovative app. The training partner is the actor Bjarne Mädel, who recorded all the texts for the tasks available in three different levels of difficulty. The different types of tasks make the training units varied and prepare the patients for their everyday life with the new implant. In addition to double-digit numbers and so-called "nonsense" words, the app users have to listen to prices and times read aloud as well as various everyday noises such as a car door slamming, a hair dryer or a bicycle bell and assign the corresponding meaning correctly. There are four alternative answers to choose from. Particularly practical: With a filter option according to level of difficulty, app users can view their personal exercise statistics every week. A reminder function allows you to set a reminder for regular training, and the help page provides extensive information on how the app works and the various cochlear implant (CI) types. The training effects are scientifically examined by the specialists at HCIZ and later published.

This is how the cochlear implant works:
Patients who are hard of hearing and whose auditory nerve is intact have the option of receiving acoustic signals, i.e. speech and noises, via a cochlear implant that is surgically embedded under the skin behind the ear. This information is first processed by a speech processor worn externally behind the ear and then reaches the inner ear via an electrode carrier. Audiologists adapt the speech processor according to the individual needs of the respective user. With the app, CI wearers can carry out specific hearing exercises and thus test and improve their hearing ability with the new cochlear implant. The app, which was developed and implemented by audiologists David Nguyen-Dalinger and Ulrike Brauner from Asklepios Klinik Nord - Heidberg in cooperation with the APPSfactory agency, is now available for free download in the app stores for iOS (https: // itunes. apple.com/us/app/asklepios-hortraining/id1161738576?l=de&ls=1 ...) and Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.appsfactory.asklepioshoertraini. ..) to disposal. The project was significantly supported by ASKLEPIOS proresearch.

Caption (from left to right): Dr. Oliver Niclaus (senior physician in the ENT department at Asklepios Klinik Nord - Heidberg), Bjarne Mädel, Dr. Christoph Külkens (Head of the ENT Department at the Asklepios Clinic North - Heidberg). Photo: Asklepios.

Here is the link to a video on the subject of cochlear implants with chief physicians at the Hamburg Asklepios clinics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G4OBvWjYwA

Information on the Hanseatic Cochlear Implant Center is available at this link: https: //www.asklepios.com/hamburg/nord/heidberg/experten/hno/hanseatisches-cochl ...

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