Why are things great

12 Great Things That Happen When You Get Started With An Online Business



1 | You become an idea machine

If you think that once you start your own business you will rest on your laurels, you are probably thinking wrong. As soon as you implement your first idea, other ideas won't be long in coming. It is as if someone forgot to close the hen house and now the idea chickens are flying completely crazy out of your head. One idea at a time. There was simply no stopping me. I even had to get up regularly at night to write down my ideas - otherwise I would have burst!


2 | You inspire others

It's almost a little crazy. You don't really care too much about yourself, you struggle with doubts or even fears and yet other people want to network with you and learn something from you. Yes, once you start sharing most of your knowledge for free, you will magically attract and inspire others with your views. I repeat: Inspire! Do you have any idea how great that feels ?!


3 | You get generous

Isn't it great that bloggers these days share so much knowledge and help each other? Isn't it just amazing that there are so many webinars and e-books that you can learn so much from? All of the free tools or plugins that make your life so much easier.

When you start, you too will generously share what you know. And believe me: it will feel fantastic!


4 | You become a packager

It is astonishing that the "tackling" mindset is not only limited to your business, but also spills over into other areas. Whether self-organization, sport or cooking - I've never been more motivated to tackle and change things than I am now. I put every habit, no matter how small, through its paces in order to work even more productively. Every problem is only there for me to be solved. There is nothing left that I could not do! Tschakka!


5 | You become a world changer

When you have found your "why", you can also take your company to a new level. My why I want to accompany women on their way to their own online business because I want a world in which women can do anything they want - without social constraints or misogynist beliefs dictating their lives. If I can help just one woman to become (financially) independent, a lot has already been achieved. But of course my goal is bigger. Much larger.


6 | You learn to deal with feedback

"Let me know what you think of it ..." A sentence that I would never have said before starting my online business. Feedback. Criticism. Suggestions for improvement - these words used to make my hair stand up on my neck.

The realization that my online business can only grow through feedback was revolutionary. I've learned to be grateful for feedback and to see it for what it is: a great way to take my online business to the next level.


7 | You take responsibility

Excuses. Excuses. Sorry ... None of this works anymore when you start your online business. There is exactly one person who is responsible for your online business and that person is you! Even if you employ (virtual) assistants at some point - it is your Business. You are the boss. And you carry the reins in your hand at all times.

If I used to complain about social circumstances or just bad luck, I now know that I am responsible for my professional success. This mindset is so liberating and motivating at the same time.


8 | You grow beyond yourself

If you want to be successful in the long term with an online business, you have to do one thing above all: grow. Every day you acquire new knowledge and new skills. WordPress, HTML, Mailchimp, Marketing ... just a small selection of things that I had absolutely no idea about two years ago.

As an online entrepreneur, you will leave your comfort zone every day and learn something new.


9 | You lose your fear of making mistakes

Are you a little perfectionist? Are you constantly afraid of doing something wrong and would you rather play it safe in your decisions? Yep. I was like that not so long ago.

If my online business has taught me something, it is that it is important to do something to do. Even if blog articles, products or webinars are imperfect, you let them out into the world and see what happens. If you always want everything to be perfect, at the end of the day you often do ... exactly: nothing at all.

That's why I allowed myself to be imperfect, to make mistakes, even to fail. And do you know what that feels like? Incredibly liberating!


10 | You meet great people

You might be surprised at how nicely other bloggers take you on.

Arrogance? Resentment? Competitive thinking? In my case, that was completely nil! Every few days someone wrote me that she was looking forward to my blog, or wished me all the best right on time for the launch date.

It also feels great to be around people who have the same goals or dreams as you.


11 | You will be happy

If your need for freedom is greater than your need for security, jumping into your own business will bring you incredible feelings of happiness. Nobody to tell you what to do. Nobody to tell you when, where, how and for how long to work. Even if money will be tight at the beginning - this freedom and independence simply makes you incredibly happy.


12 | You will never work again

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." What sounds like a sweet saying from a poetry album is really true!

Of course, in the evenings when the children are asleep I sit there and write newsletters, update blog articles or optimize my social media channels, but - and that's the most important thing for me - it doesn't feel like work. It feels like something that I absolutely have to do want, and often enough around midnight I have to force myself to shut the laptop and go to sleep.



Creativity, inspiration and generosity, motivation and a sense of responsibility - your online business is the Chance for you to grow as a person and to develop personally. In addition, many great fellow bloggers and self-determined work. Not only does that sound great ... it is.